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What There Is to Love About Heating Oil

Not only is it dead middle of winter in February, but it is also a time to share about the things we love… and what do we love? Heating oil of course! And there is a lot to love about heating oil, but to save you time, we created our top 5.


Abundant Supply

There’s plenty of heating oil available on the market today, and relatively small demand. Globally, oil and petroleum reserves remain higher than ever. Even if there is a shortage elsewhere, the US is not dependent on imports or any one source for supply, with 727 million barrels in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and approximately 2 million barrels in the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve alone.


It’s Clean

Many people think of oil burning systems and think of the old mid-20th century oil furnaces that produced smoke and soot, contributing to air pollution. However, technology has completely changed the face of oil heating! Today, oil heat burns 95% cleaner than it did in 1970, and it now falls well within the Environmental Protection Agency’s air pollution standards. Today, heating oil creates under one third of the emissions contributing to national air pollution.


Energy Efficient

Innovations in home oil heating systems have come a long way and resulted in incredible boosts in the energy efficiency of these systems. Many oil heating systems now boast efficiency ratings of up to 95%, providing more heat for less fuel. This efficiency not only means you get more bang for your buck, but it also reduces your oil purchasing needs.



There are few safer ways to heat your home than heating oil. It doesn’t burn in a liquid state (it must be heated to its vaporization point before it burns, meaning it must be heated to a temperature above 140 degrees). Any leaks in the system are much more visible in oil heating systems than in natural gas, this means it is much easier to see if there is a serious problem with your oil heating system.


Inexpensive pricing

As oil prices continue to decrease across the United States, you can enjoy an inexpensively heated home experience. All homeowners look for ways to reduce their monthly costs and using a home oil heating system is one excellent way of cutting expenses. Check out our prices today by visiting our homepage!