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When Will I Receive My Oil Delivery?

So, you’ve found one of the best oil prices in Western MA and North Central CT through PayLessForOil.com…now what? To get a clear idea of when to place your home heating oil delivery request with us, we have compiled this chart so you can plan ahead the next time you need fuel.

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We’re so confident in our drivers that we guarantee we will deliver in the time frame we say or we will credit your account $10*. In most cases, we not only meet our scheduled drop-off, but we exceed expectations. We have been known to come a day or two early, or even on the same day as when your order was placed!

Day & Time You Place Your Order: Guaranteed Delivery by End of Day…*
Monday 4:31 PM – Tuesday 4:30 PM Thursday
Tuesday 4:31 PM – Wednesday 4:30 PM Friday
Wednesday 4:31 PM – Thursday 4:30 PM Monday
Thursday 4:31 PM – Friday 4:30 PM Tuesday
Friday 4:31 PM – Monday 4:30 PM Wednesday

*If this day falls on a holiday when our offices are closed, your delivery will be made by the following business day. Example: You order at 1:00 p.m. the Tuesday before Thanksgiving; your delivery is guaranteed to arrive by end of the day the Friday after Thanksgiving. ALSO: If there is a holiday where our offices are closed between the time of your order and the standard expected delivery date, add another day to the delivery date. Example: You order at 1:00 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving; your delivery will be made by end of the day the following Monday.   NEW CUSTOMERS – If we are unable to schedule your free oil tank safety inspection in a timely manner, this will delay your delivery and delivery guarantees.