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Why PayLess?

If you’re wondering why to choose PayLessForOil.com for your Western Massachusetts oil deliveries, we have one simple answer for you:

We offer the best value in the market.

Though there are a variety of heating oil delivery providers that offer fuel to Western MA and North Central CT, PayLessForOil.com distinguishes ourselves by providing outstanding products and services to our valued customers. Take advantage of our premium triple-blend fuel delivery and HVAC service availability by becoming a customer.

Paylessforoil.com Online Competitors
Easy Online 24/7 Ordering
Not Often
Money Guaranteed Fast Delivery
Premium Triple Blend Fuel
Volume Discounts
Not Often
Mobile APP for easy reordering
Extensive Pollution & Liability Insurance
Not Often
Electronic Metered GPS Equipped Delivery Trucks
Heating Repair Service
Air Conditioning Repair Service
24 Hours Emergency Service Plans
Real Human Support Staff

Here’s Exactly How We Blow the Competition Away

Easy 24/7 Online Ordering

Forget having to wait on hold on the phone or visit the office to make a fuel oil delivery request. PayLessForOil.com makes things simple by allowing you to log into your customer account and place orders in fewer than 30 seconds! You can also order using our mobile app.

Delivery Guarantee

We offer a delivery guarantee of our heating oil delivery, so you don’t have to stress. The best part is that we can often deliver oil to our customers in an even shorter time period. Other fuel providers just can’t match this promise.

Premium Triple-Blend Fuel

Our fuel is one of the main reasons customers love us so much. When you order fuel from PayLessForOil.com, you don’t just get plain old oil. We provide a triple-blend fuel that incorporates ultra-low sulfur heating oil, renewable biodiesel, and a premium additive to help your heating system run smoothly and efficiently.

Volume Discounts

Order big or order small, but get extra savings when you order lots! Our heating oil delivery customers benefit from volume discounts. Wait until your tank starts to get low before placing your delivery request, and you may be shocked at the savings on your fuel oil bill.

Mobile App for Easy Reordering

Ordering from your smartphone or tablet is simple with our free mobile app. Available in the App Store and Google Play Store, this application allows you to place fuel oil refills at the touch of a button using your customer account.

Pollution & Liability Insurance

Heating oil is a safe fuel choice, but you can never be too careful when it comes to insurance coverage. PayLessforOil.com is proud to be fully insured with pollution and liability insurance when it comes to our fuel oil deliveries in MA and CT.

Electronic Metered Delivery Trucks

Our trucks are equipped with brand new electronic meters to precisely measure your fuel delivery. As a PayLessForOil.com customer, you don’t have to wonder if the total gallons on your receipt matches the oil delivered.

Heating & A/C Repair Service

We are proud to hold an exclusive partnership with the best HVAC service provider in the region: FSi Oil and Propane. Through teamwork between our customer service representatives and their highly trained technicians, we are able to offer premium HVAC services to our fuel delivery customers.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Our HVAC partnership also offers HVAC service plans, which really come in handy when you’re in a pinch. We know you’ll love the 24-hour service that these plans provide to help keep your HVAC equipment up and running at all hours.

What are you waiting for? Become a customer of PayLessForOil.com today!