PayLessForOil.com FAQs

Find the answers to your questions about Western MA oil prices, Northern CT oil prices, how much fuel to order, how online oil ordering works, and more.

What is PayLessForOil.com?

We’re the online, on-demand extension of Fuel Services, Inc. in South Hadley – a premier full-service heating oil, propane, plumbing, and HVAC provider.

How is PayLessForOil.com able to offer such low pricing?

  • We’re a “P.B.D.” (pay before delivery) service which eliminates receivables and bad debt – two of the greatest factors in the per gallon cost to you.
  • Our online service greatly reduces and/or eliminates other costs such as:
    • Reduced phone costs – orders are done online
    • Labor costs – payment processing is done automatically
    • Delivery costs – computerized routing system is second to none

All of these savings are passed along to YOU – our loyal customer.

Why is it better to use PayLessForOil.com over a “traditional” discount oil company?

Many discount oil operations are one-truck operators operating out of their home. They DO NOT have the resources a premier full-service provider like Fuel Services has – insurance coverage being one of the most important! You can know when dealing with us you’re receiving the lowest possible prices and working with a local company with considerable resources.

Why is it better to use PayLessForOil.com over “another” online company?

In a nutshell, we make it easy to order from us and easy to reach out to us! For more information, we recommend you visit Why Payless or How We Work. We think our testimonials speak for themselves.

Do you have a dedicated customer service staff to address my needs?

YES WE DO… unlike most of our competitors! Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. Offices are closed on all federal holidays and weekends. Contact us; we would love to hear from you!

Discount Heating Oil Delivery FAQs

What is your minimum delivery?

How do I know if you will deliver to my location?

  • Refer to the service area map to see if we deliver to your community.
  • If we don’t currently deliver to your area and you wish us to do so, please contact us as we are always reevaluating our delivery area.

Do you deliver to businesses?

YES we do! We now service commercial customers. Simply follow the prompts on the Commercial page to get started!

Do you deliver to renters?

YES we do! Renters find PayLessForOil.com especially convenient as we do not have any long-term contracts to sign.

When will I receive my order?

Please review the When Will I Receive My Delivery page for a detailed view of when you can expect your delivery. Most orders are delivered in 1-2 business days. Sometimes we can even provide same-day delivery!

What if I don’t receive my order as promised?

  • Please contact us immediately! If we fail to make our delivery commitment because we goofed (not because of reasons beyond our control), you will receive $10 off your next order!

Do you offer prime and start services?

Yes we do! If you require this service please call us 855-OIL-4LES (855-645-4537).  We will take this order over the phone. Prime and emergency delivery services are offered at additional fees.

Do I need to be home when you deliver?

  • You don’t need to be home when we make your delivery UNLESS you ran out of oil and need a prime and start or your fill pipe is not accessible from outside.
  • We require you call us to place orders that necessitate you being home so we can discuss your schedule with you.
  • We require a free oil tank safety inspection BEFORE our first delivery to a customer.  Safety Inspections are performed by EITHER the customer sending us pictures of their tank(s) and fill/vent pipes OR by a visit from one of our service technicians.  WE WILL NOT SCHEDULE A DELIVERY WITHOUT A PASSED SAFETY INSPECTION!  Please visit our Smart Start page for more information. 

Will you deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?

There are no scheduled weekend deliveries. However, when the weather gets cold, we often have our fleet on the road over the weekend to meet demand. We do not deliver on any federal holiday.

Fuel Ordering & Payment FAQs

My card was charged before the delivery was made. Why was this done?

PayLessForOil.com is a “P.B.D.” (pay before delivery) service. There are no exceptions.

Does PayLessForOil.com accept cash, check, or money orders?

No, sorry we do not.  For the safety of our drivers and your convenience we accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover. Payment is made at the time you order. Drivers do not accept payments of any kind and payments may not be mailed in.

I noticed the price dropped after I placed my order. Can I have it at the lower price?

Unfortunately, no.  Prices are set at the time you place your order, not when the fuel is delivered. There is no daily price with PayLessForOil.com service and prices are updated as the market changes. We figure you wouldn’t want us to raise your price if fuel prices went up after you place your order, right?

Can the price per gallon quoted to me at the time of my order change at delivery?

Since our pricing schedule contains volume discounts (larger deliveries receive lower prices), if your tank takes a smaller quantity than ordered, your price per gallon may end up being higher. Your final price will always be based on the time of your order, though. If you receive a delivery which does not meet our minimum delivery requirements (see above), you will be charged a $39 under minimum delivery fee in addition to the price per gallon.

I ordered more oil than my tank can hold. What do I do?

  • You do not have to do anything! If you over-ordered, any credit due back to you will remain on your account towards a future delivery.
  • If you wish to have any credit refunded back to you, you must notify us in writing within 10 days of delivery. Please note we will NOT issue a refund to a credit card for less than $10.
  • If you are a returning customer that has ordered a fill-up, your credit card will automatically settle a few days after your delivery. There is no need to contact us.

May I cancel my order?

Cancellations only allowed for reasons of safety. Cancelled orders are subject to a 4% cancellation fee.

Still have questions about ordering discount heating oil in Western MA?

Please visit our “Knowledge Base” where you can enter your question and search for answers.

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I love doing business with PayLessForOil. Their ordering system is really simple and their customer service is top-notch. I love being able to see my purchase history on their portal as well.

- Ron H. - West Springfield, MA