About Us

We’re the online, on-demand extension of Fuel Services, Inc. in South Hadley – a premier full-service heating oil, propane, plumbing, and HVAC provider.

Low Oil Prices, High Quality Service

Fuel Services recognized many homeowners did not need – or were not interested in – paying for full-service amenities. Rather than just offer traditional full services, our new model transitioned to an a la carte menu. Out of this realization PayLessForOil.com was launched in October of 2011 and now we proudly serve over 7,300 customers.

Executive Vice President, PayLessForOil.comOur PayLessForOil.com division is not some afterthought or a side job, as is the case with many of our online competitors; many of whom don’t even tell you who they are. We have a dedicated customer service team, a dedicated fleet of PayLess trucks AND a dedicated team of drivers. Plus, all of these departments are personally overseen by Christopher Chase (pictured left), the Executive Vice President of Fuel Services.

Fuel Services has been in business for over 25 years, has a fleet of over a dozen delivery trucks to meet any delivery need, has its own terminal with fuel storage; as well as has a team of over 40 dedicated professionals who all strive for the same goal… complete customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our parent company Fuel Services, Inc., visit us!

The PayLessForOil.com Philosophy

Our philosophy ensures you receive the lowest possible price for the highest quality heating oil; combined with a superior level of support.

It's the little things that can make the difference. One delivery I got, the driver actually pulled my garbage cans in from the curb for me and put them away, after noticing it had been picked up. It may be a small thing but it left a lasting impression and I recount that story to anyone when discussing heating or fuel. Not many would do that and it sealed my loyalty right up. Outstanding.

- Peter B. - Enfield, CT