Easy Steps to Prepare Your Tank for Fall and Winter

Spring and summer mean it’s time to stay cool and stop thinking about your heating oil tank, right? We love the warm weather, too, but if you’ve set your tank aside for the season, odds are it’s going to need some attention before fall and winter.


Here are some helpful tips to prepare your heating system for the cold months. Trust us, they’ll be here sooner than you think, so stay prepared and get started!


Order ASAP

Filling your tank as early as you can, including over the summer, has many benefits. You’ll stay ahead of the curve when the cold months roll in as well as prevent damage to your tank, as an empty tank is more susceptible to corrosion and leaks. Even if you don’t use heating oil in the summer, consider ordering soon to avoid the headache of getting maintenance done when you need heat most.


Examine Your Tank

Glance around for any cracks, leaks, or rust on your tank, which may have appeared over the spring and summer. Whether it’s located indoors or outdoors, additional moisture in the atmosphere can cause damage to an emptier tank. If it’s located outside, vegetation, weather, and even animals can also affect its quality.


Check the Gauge

It’s also important to make sure your gauge is working properly. Cracks and loose connections can affect its functionality. Make sure you also check that the gauge reads properly when filling up your tank!


Keep Your Tank Clean & Clear

For outdoor tanks, plant growth over the spring and summer can make access more difficult in fall and winter. Be sure to maintain a clear path to your tank and remove any vegetation from vent pipes. Deliveries will not only be easier–so will checking for damage.


Professional Tune Ups & Inspections

If, after all these at-home check ups, you’re unsure about the state of your tank, schedule a visit with a Paylessforoil.com technician! We will inspect all tanks when we perform a heating tune-up.

It's the little things that can make the difference. One delivery I got, the driver actually pulled my garbage cans in from the curb for me and put them away, after noticing it had been picked up. It may be a small thing but it left a lasting impression and I recount that story to anyone when discussing heating or fuel. Not many would do that and it sealed my loyalty right up. Outstanding.

- Peter B. - Enfield, CT