Heating Oil Delivery in Western Massachusetts

If you’re looking for prompt, reliable delivery of home heating oil at competitive prices, you can count on PayLessForOil.com. Our team of fuel oil delivery experts has been delivering oil heat to our customers for years, and we continue to promote its use in our customers’ homes.

Oil Heat Delivery Truck

Our High-Quality Fuel Delivery for Western MA & North Central CT

We provide a triple blend fuel to offer ultimate value for our customers. Our blend combines ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), biodiesel, and our proprietary fuel additive. ULSHO provides you with lower sulfur content, biodiesel helps reduce your carbon footprint, and our additive will extend your equipment life by reducing equipment sediment and increasing fuel economy. Contact us to learn more about our premium Bioheat® fuel blend, which sets us apart from local competition.

bioheat fuel delivery

Premium Bioheat® Fuel

Combining traditional heating oil with biodiesel creates Bioheat® fuel. We take this a step further by also adding a premium additive. Our Bioheat® fuel is designed to help your system run better than ever. Bioheat® fuel reduces your carbon footprint so you can feel proud about your heat source. The sustainable blend of renewable resources will help shrink your energy usage, promoting a cleaner Massachusetts and a cleaner community for your family to enjoy.


Our Delivery Guarantee

You don’t have to worry when it comes to using PayLessForOil.com as your provider. Did you know that we are the only heating oil dealer to offer a $10 account credit if we don’t meet our delivery guarantee? When you place a delivery request from PayLessForOil.com, you know your heating oil will arrive when expected. Click below for the full details.

Other Benefits of Using PayLessForOil.com

Along with our premium fuel and excellent delivery guarantee, here are a few more benefits of using heating oil for your Western MA home.

Electronic Truck Meters. We use brand new electronic meters in every truck to give you a precise reading of your fuel delivery. You can be confident our electronic meters are accurate compared to the old fashioned mechanical meters that can be easily manipulated.

No Middleman Needed. We don’t deal with a middleman and you shouldn’t have to either. We deliver our own orders with our state of the art fleet of trucks. If there is a problem with your delivery, you know who to contact when you’re a PayLessForOil.com customer.

Easy Online Oil Ordering. Once you’re a customer, you can place fuel orders in fewer than 30 seconds using our mobile app.