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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is finally here, and if you’re like most people in our area you’ve got an itch to do some deep house cleaning. This year, as you get ready to scrub the baseboards, air out the sheets, and tackle the rest of your spring cleaning to-do list, you might want to consider adding a few extra steps to your annual repertoire. Check out these easy spring cleaning tips from PayLessForOil.com that also lower your energy bills.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist for MA & CT Homeowners

1. Clean air conditioner filters

Cleaning your air conditioning system filters is a great way to improve your system’s efficiency. A clogged filter makes it harder for the air to pass through the ducts, and your system must work harder to cool your home. If you haven’t had your filters replaced recently, reach out to your local HVAC experts at PayLessForOil.com. A new filter can lower your energy consumption by 5-10%. And if you have your filters replaced in conjunction with an A/C tune-up, you can save an additional 10% on your summer energy bills!

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2. Take care of windows and doors

Take advantage of cooler nighttime temperatures by turning off your A/C system and opening your windows for a break on your energy bills. Give your windowsills and screens a good scrub so built up dust particles don’t blow back into your home, reducing air quality and clogging air vents.

3. Seal air leaks

If you feel small cracks around windows or doors, caulking them before the start of the cooling season will prevent hot air from invading your home. This quick and simple step can have a great impact on your home energy costs!

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4. Clean behind the refrigerator

When dust and dander build up on the coils, your refrigerator has to work harder to maintain its temperature; removing build up will help lower your electric bill.

5. Enroll in a service plan

While bustling through your spring cleaning tasks, why not go the extra mile to protect your home comfort equipment by enrolling in a service plan this season. Get these benefits when you enroll in a plan today:

  • System efficiency
  • Investment protection
  • Greater home safety
  • Annual energy cost savings
  • Increased equipment lifespan

Home Comfort Protection Plans are available for heating, cooling, water heaters, and even combo packages. Learn more about our service plan benefits here.

6. Top off your oil tank

Although we’re headed into the offseason, keeping your oil tank at least half full in the warmer months will not only help you stay prepared, but it will keep your heating equipment in great condition and help to prevent corrosion and damage. This crucial spring task will help you keep your equipment in pristine condition for when you need to switch the heat back on during the first chilly days of fall.

7. Get the family involved

Spring cleaning can be a drag. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Try and turn it into a game or competition to get everyone involved. Blast your favorite playlist or listen to a gripping podcast to make the time fly! It’ll be worth it when you’re finished and can breathe in that new fresh air.

Get Started on Your Spring To-Do List with PayLessForOil.com

Take the first step and contact the home comfort experts at PayLessForOil.com to hurry and schedule your A/C tune-up and order your spring fill today!