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The Easiest Way to Save Money and Energy All Year

Did you know there is one simple way you can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling costs1 here in the Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut area? It doesn’t call for bulking up your insulation, cutting shower times, or saving the A/C for special occasions. What’s the trick? Keep reading to see what our PayLessForOil.com experts recommend to help you save on your annual energy spending by making a few changes to how you use your home thermostat this spring season.

Programming Your Thermostat for Optimal Savings This Spring in MA & CT

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Springtime is officially here in Massachusetts and Connecticut for heating oil customers. With warmer weather rapidly approaching, we’re all thinking of ways to save energy this season. Luckily, we’ve outlined a few key tips to help you stay comfortable in your home year-round without breaking the bank with your energy spending. Check out our list below to learn exactly what you need to do to tune into energy savings this year:

1. Maintain an average temperature.

Keeping the A/C temperature to an average degree of 78°F when you are awake at home and then changing it to 78°F when you are asleep or away will trigger savings in the warm spring and summer months. For cooler times set your thermostat to 68°F when heating your home and lower it to about 65°F when you are asleep or away. By setting your thermostat to auto-adjust during these periods, you’ll be able to passively save more energy without ever worrying about adjusting your settings throughout the day.

2. Turn down the temperature periodically.

Here’s an energy saving hack! You can save as much as 1% for each degree if you periodically set your home temperature up 10° to 15° during hot days or down 10° to 15° in cooler days for a full 8 hours. This can add up to as much as 5-15% of savings on your annual energy costs. In addition to this, it is essential to keep an eye on your fuel tank levels all year long to ensure your tank never dips too low regardless of the season.

3. Install an automated programmable thermostat.

The latest technology in thermostats provides equipment that is programmable and automatic. These “set it and forget it” features are a straightforward way to allow you to regulate the temperature to accommodate for your specific family habits and schedules.

What Is a Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat?

A Wi-Fi programmable thermostat is an easy-to-use device that provides pre-programmed settings to control your home’s temperature throughout the seasons. Once a certified HVAC professional installs your new thermostat, you can access or change these settings from any Internet-connected device like your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Wi-Fi thermostats offer the same benefits as traditional programmable thermostats with added convenience. These work by automatically adjusting both the heating and A/C features in your home based on whether you are home or asleep to avoid wasting energy during each season. Plus, changing these settings to adjust to your family’s unique schedule is easy!

What Are the Benefits?

  • Better All-Season Comfort. Wi-Fi programmable thermostats are built for your convenience. The pre-programmed settings are designed to match daily schedule patterns and set temperatures appropriately. In just a few clicks, your home’s indoor temperature is regulated just the way you like it.
  • More Effective Energy Use. Raising and lowering temperatures by a few degrees during different parts of the day can help your heating and cooling systems perform as efficiently as possible. Not only is valuable energy being put to good use, but your HVAC equipment will be less likely to overwork and can last longer.
  • Lower Energy Bills. No matter the season, homeowners are always looking for ways to save on household spending. With just one investment and installation, your family can benefit from reduced heating and cooling bills year after year.
  • Total Convenience. Wi-Fi capabilities help to eliminate the worry of forgetting to adjust the heat before leaving home for a night out or an extended trip. Simply log in to the easy-to-use app on your smartphone to make the adjustments you need.

Don’t Waste Your Valuable Energy Dollars! Save More with PayLessForOil.com

Although paying extra attention to your thermostat can surely help you save more on energy costs throughout the year, you also have options for lowering the price of fuel from the get-go by choosing an affordable fuel delivery service provider like PayLessForOil.com. With our affordable heating oil delivery and HVAC service plans to protect your equipment, we’re here to help you save more on energy all year long. Interested in learning more about what we can do to help your home operate more efficiently this spring season? Get in touch with our home energy professionals by filling out our online contact form today!