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Five Tips to Get Your Home Ready This March

After a long, cold winter, spring’s bright, warm sun is all we’re longing for. But in order to enjoy the warmer days, it’s important to get your home ready before the seasons fully change over. Here are some five tips for you to help make that seasonal transition.


De-Clutter for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to pare down the clutter that’s been accumulating in your home during the winter. Before you get started, make a room-by-room plan so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. From cleaning out the kids’ rooms to dusting places you haven’t since that Christmas party, it’s important to clean out before you open your doors to the spring and summer.


Service Your AC Unit

Have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system (like our friends at FSi Oil & Propane). Clean coils operate more efficiently, and an annual service call will keep the system working at peak performance levels, saving you money in the long run.


Test Smoke Alarms

Now is a great time to test the smoke alarms and CO detectors in your home. Change out batteries as needed. It’s inexpensive, only takes a few minutes and can save your family’s lives. Press and hold the test button on the smoke detector. It may take a few seconds to begin, but a loud, ear-piercing siren should come from the detector while the button is pressed. If the sound is weak or nonexistent, replace your batteries. If it has been more than six months since you last replaced the batteries (whether your detector is battery-powered or hardwired), change them. You should also look at your smoke detector to make sure there’s no dust or other substance blocking its grates, which may prevent it from working even if the batteries are new.


Check Foundation Vents

Does your home have a crawl space? Houses with a crawl spaces have vents along the foundation walls. The vents provide air circulation that helps prevent excess moisture and mold growth, and they prevent critters from taking up residence underneath your home. Spring is a great time to clean them out and check for damage.


Inspect the Concrete

Inspect concrete slabs for signs of cracks or movement. Sometimes during the winter months, damage can occur. All exterior slabs except pool decks should drain away from the home’s foundation. If you notice cracks, the cracks could potentially lead water back to your home/basement. Fill cracks with a concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. When weather gets warmer, power-wash and then seal the concrete.