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Why Electrification is Less Reliable Than Stored Energy Options in MA & CT

If you’re a homeowner in the Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut area, chances are you’re probably concerned with renewable energy. We all want to do what’s best for the planet, but there are many things to consider when you think about your renewable energy options. For example, how much will it cost? Does it actually help reduce emissions? And perhaps most importantly, can you and your family rely on it?

Bioheat® fuel is a leading option for renewable energy because it checks off many of these boxes. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also a low-carbon energy source and a dependable one. The best part? Bioheat® fuel can be stored safely in your home and is there whenever you need it. Let’s compare that to electrification, and see why Bioheat® fuel is the most reliable choice.

Top Reasons Stored Energy Beats Electricity in New England

On-Demand, Not Stored

The top reason that electrification isn’t as reliable as stored energy like Bioheat® fuel is that electricity is an on-demand energy option—in other words, it’s only produced when you need it, as opposed to being stored in your home. This means that when demand for electricity is high, you could be left out in the cold if you’re relying on electrification to heat your home.

Loss of Power Due to Demand

The supply of the electric grid is a concern with more and more people relying on electricity for transportation and heat, on top of a laundry list of day-to-day power needs. This may lead to loss of power in some areas, with the average American experiencing just over eight hours of power outages in 2020, with overall duration of power interruptions in the US more than doubling since 2015, according to the US Department of Energy.

Bioheat® Fuel Doesn’t Add Pressure to the Grid

Bioheat® fuel is a stored liquid heating fuel, and therefore it doesn’t contribute to added pressure on the electric grid. Once Bioheat® fuel is purchased and delivered to your home, it’s stored on-site in your fuel tank. This means it doesn’t need a power plant to generate and distribute energy. Instead, your renewable energy supply is right there, waiting to supply heat or hot water whenever you need it.

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Ready to Order Bioheat® Fuel from a Local Energy Company?

PayLessForOil.com is pleased to deliver Bioheat® fuel oil so you can enjoy heating oil with fewer emissions and environmental impacts, along with the peace of mind of knowing your energy supply is stored in your home. If you’re ready to order Bioheat® fuel from a local energy company that cares about its customers, we’re ready to serve you! Contact us today!