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The True Cost of Electrification in MA & CT

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut, then it’s possible you might be tempted by the prospect of “clean energy” that is electricity—but there’s a better alternative. Keep reading this blog from PayLessForOil.com to learn all the information you need to know before you decide on your energy source of choice. The solution you’re looking for may be closer than you think; in fact, it could be operating in your basement already in the form of a Bioheat® fuel furnace or boiler.

What You Need to Know About Electricity’s Side Effects

There are a few reasons why converting to electricity isn’t a great option when it comes to saving money or helping the environment. First of all, conversion to electricity puts stress on the grid, which hasn’t been modernized to handle today’s demand for electricity. Second, electricity is an on-demand energy option, not a stored energy source. When there’s increased demand on the electric grid, you can expect there to be more energy interruptions. For example, the average American experienced just over eight hours of power outages in 2020, with the overall duration of power interruptions in the US more than doubling since 2015.

The Better Option is Clear: Choose Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat® fuel is a renewable energy source that’s stored directly on-site in your fuel tank. Did you know that a 275-gallon tank of Bioheat® fuel contains 10,670 kilowatt hours of energy? That means it’s ready and reliable to use whenever you turn on your heating system. Additionally, the cost of converting a home to electric heating can be up to $20,000; meanwhile, Bioheat® fuel can be used in your existing heating system, or you can convert to a high-efficiency furnace or boiler to make your fuel choice go further.

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PayLessForOil.com is Ready to Deliver Bioheat® Fuel to Your Door

While household energy-related costs could increase due to policy-driven electrification, Bioheat® fuel remains consistently affordable. It’s also stable and reliable no matter how many people in the region are using it. As a stored liquid heating fuel, Bioheat® fuel doesn’t add pressure on to the electric grid. And when you get your Bioheat® fuel delivered by PayLessForOil.com, you know that you’re supporting a local company that cares about its customers. If you’re already a customer, contact us today to get a price quote for Bioheat® fuel, or become a customer.