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What is Bioheat Fuel and Why Should You Use It?

Massachusetts residents who use heating oil as their fuel of choice have likely heard about Bioheat® fuel: New England’s latest advancement when it comes to turning old-fashioned fuel into an eco-friendly alternative. Bioheat® fuel incorporates both ultra-low sulfur heating oil and recycled agricultural by-products, known in the industry as biodiesel. This environmentally friendly blend promotes cleaner operation, fewer emissions, and a cleaner Western Massachusetts. Read this blog post from PayLessForOil.com, and you’ll be an expert on everything that has to do with Bioheat® fuel oil and its recent advancements in Massachusetts heating fuel oil technology.
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Everything You Need to Know about Bioheat® Fuel Oil in MA & CT

Want to learn more about Bioheat fuel oil deliveries in Western Mass and Northern CT? Continue reading below to learn more about Bioheat® fuel usage in CT or MA, then visit our frequently asked questions page if you would like to learn more.

What Is Bioheat Fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is an eco-friendly version of home heating oil that contains a mixture between agricultural by-products and ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil. The agricultural by-products are harvested during production, cleaned, and blended with ultra-low sulfur fuel oil to provide you with a fuel that burns cleaner in your equipment and produces fewer emissions than traditional oil.

Bioheat Fuel vs. Heating Oil—What’s the Difference?

Bioheat® fuel is the cleaner version of regular old heating oil. Both fuels burn efficiently in oil-fired furnaces, boilers, and water heaters, but only Bioheat® fuel incorporates low-sulfur content to make your carbon footprint smaller and more sustainable. No system modifications are required to burn Bioheat® fuel in your oil heating system.

What Exactly Is Bioheat Fuel Made Of?

Most commonly, soybean oil is harvested to aid in the production of biodiesel, which is blended with ULS heating oil to create Bioheat® fuel. Soybeans are a huge market because they feed cows and other livestock, and every gallon of soybean by-product that goes into Bioheat® fuel is saved from being discarded into a waste management facility.

How Long Has Bioheat Fuel Been Around?

Though engineers have been studying Bioheat® fuel production for quite a while now, local guidelines have only encouraged the widespread technological acceptance of the fuel since 2018. That’s when Massachusetts, Connecticut, and other New England states widely began using introductory blends of biodiesel in their ULS heating oil, including those from PayLessForOil.com.

What Are the Benefits of Bioheat Fuel Oil for Homeowners?

Bioheat® fuel has been shown to burn cleaner in your oil-fired home heating system, allowing your equipment to build up less sediment over time. Plus, using a lower-emission fuel will shrink your carbon footprint so you can feel great about your fuel choice. In fact, there’s really no reason to continue using traditional home heating oil when you could switch to a clean, green option like a Bioheat® fuel blend.

Is There Any Difference in the Cost between Bioheat Fuel vs. Heating Oil?

No, Bioheat® fuel blends cost the same amount as home heating oil. For existing PayLessForOil.com customers, there will be no impact on the cost for heating oil deliveries. Just continue ordering your fuel oil online, and we will deliver the best Bioheat fuel oil. And the best part is that no HVAC system modifications are required to use the new, clean fuel. Using Bioheat® fuel blends is an excellent way to improve your family’s impact on the environment without spending a dime more.

Will My Heating System Run the Same with Bioheat Fuel vs. Heating Oil?

Yes, oil-fired home heating systems run the same (or better) on Bioheat® fuel blends when compared to home heating oil operation. The biodiesel percentages are currently kept below 20% to ensure that your heating system runs as smoothly as ever—though as technology adapts to become more eco-friendly, blend percentages may increase to become even more sustainable.

Is Bioheat Fuel Better for the Environment?

Yes, Bioheat® fuel produces a much smaller impact on the earth and significantly reduces your home’s sulfur output over time. ULS heating oil alone will reduce your sulfur emissions, and adding biodiesel into the mix will shrink them even more.

Is Bioheat Fuel Oil Available in Your Area?

Yes, Bioheat® fuel is widely available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and beyond through PayLessForOil.com. Visit our website today to order our triple-blend Bioheat® fuel, which not only contains biodiesel and ULS oil, but also a proprietary additive. We promise to deliver it in two days or fewer! Click here to view our entire Bioheat® fuel delivery range, which spans from Western Massachusetts into Northern Connecticut. Don’t live within our service area? You can always contact us directly to suggest additional local towns.

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PayLessForOil.com is the Top Bioheat Fuel Oil Supplier in Western MA & Northern CT:

We at PayLessForOil.com are pleased to be Western MA’s and Northern CT’s top Bioheat® heating oil supplier. Residents and business owners across our MA and CT service area trust PayLessForOil.com’s trained and qualified Bioheat® fuel team to provide a reliable and affordable source of fuel oil for all of their fueling needs.

But wait, there’s more. When you need fast delivery, you can count on our 2-day delivery guarantee. Want the latest in heating oil technology? We improve Bioheat® fuel even more by incorporating an advanced additive package that creates our triple-blend fuel, which you can read more details about here.

Become an Bioheat Fuel Oil Delivery Customer in Just Minutes

Registering as a PayLessForOil.com customer is as simple as 1-2-3! Here’s how you can become a customer of our company and start benefiting from all the benefits we just talked about. Here’s the three-step process that you can use to sign up as a customer and start enjoying all the benefits that our team of energy experts provides: 1) Register, 2) Order, 3) Relax. Kick back and relax as we guarantee your Bioheat® fuel delivery within two business days. You can even request an instant price quote FAST, before or after you register as a customer!

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Already a PayLessForOil.com Customer?

Thanks for reading our blog post! If you are an existing customer, there is nothing new that you need to do to take advantage of the benefits of Bioheat fuel oil on your next delivery order. Just continue ordering your fuel as you normally would, and we’ll deliver Bioheat fuel right to your home. Don’t forget that you can use our mobile app to place refill requests for your delivery in seconds. If you would like to update your information or manage your account, you can use the iPhone and Android app to log into your PayLessForOil.com customer account. We look forward to continuing to provide your Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut home or business with unmatched affordable comfort.