What You Need to Know about Choosing a Discount Oil Supplier

If you’re a Massachusetts or Connecticut homeowner, chances are you use home heating oil to keep your property safe and warm throughout the year. Along with producing safe and nontoxic heat for your home, heating oil also provides a source of hot water for families with an oil-fired hot water heater. This combination of hot air and hot water from furnaces, boilers, and water heaters allows Massachusetts residents to live comfortable and safe lives in one of the coldest and Northmost states in the county.

As an avid heating oil consumer in the Western Massachusetts area, chances are you’re wondering about the best way to find a heating oil delivery provider in your county. Like any industry, there are reputable providers that you can trust to keep your home comfortable at a good price, and there are mishappen companies who don’t have the safety and handling certifications required by state and federal authorities. But there’s no need to worry: we’ve outlined some methods you can use to weed out the untrustworthy companies and find a provider that will give your MA or CT home and family the fuel and price you want.

Full-Service Energy Providers vs. Discount Oil Delivery Companies

The first thing to decide is if you’re primarily interested in receiving home heating oil deliveries from a service-based company, or heating oil delivery from a discounted oil supplier. The former focuses on services and installation of furnaces, boilers, and air conditioning equipment, while discount oil providers keep oil delivery prices low for every customer. PayLessForOil.com offers the hard-to-find compromise between the two, as we offer discount oil delivery along with an exclusive HVAC partnership that provides our oil customers with the home comfort services they desire.

Heating Oil Delivery Guarantee

Top 8 Things to Look for When Choosing a Heating Oil Supplier in Western MA or Northern CT:

1. Ensure That the Provider Has a Reliable Heating Oil Supply

Visit the oil delivery provider’s website and get a feel for how their fuel delivery process works. Do they have a reliable heating oil delivery supply, and are they resourceful when it comes to getting your deliveries to you? Many of these answers can be learned by browsing their website and social media pages, along with reading customer reviews.

2. Check What Type of Heating Fuel Oil They Provide

Bioheat® fuel is the latest and greatest innovation in home heating oil—does the provider you’re considering advertise their Bioheat® fuel blend on their website? The blend percentage is how much renewable and recycled biodiesel is blended into the ultra-low sulfur heating oil they provide. For example, B2 is 2% biodiesel, while B20 is 20% biodiesel. In addition, you can check to see if the provider adds anything special to their fuel. For reference, PayLessForOil.com adds a proprietary ingredient to our fuel to help customers’ equipment run more smoothly.

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3. See What Their Existing Oil Delivery Customers Have to Say

An unfiltered way to learn how a company treats their customers is to check out online reviews. Whether you look at Google reviews or Facebook recommendations, you can get a real feel for how customers view the company after having experienced their services. Click the links above to read reviews from real PayLessForOil.com customers.

4. Confirm That They Deliver Heating Fuel to Your Neighborhood

Oil delivery area compatibility is essential to a professional relationship. Visit the oil delivery company’s website and look for a page entitled “Service Area” or “Delivery Area.” If your Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut hometown is listed, you’re good to go! If not, you will have to search for a different oil delivery provider that’s located closer to your New England residential or commercial property.

5. Verify That Their Low Oil Prices Match Your Expectations

Does the company offer low oil prices? After all, the whole advantage of using a discount oil delivery provider in Massachusetts or Connecticut is the savings you’ll enjoy on your oil deliveries. Click here to check PayLessForOil.com’s daily price and see how great of a deal you’re getting on your fuel delivery.

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6. See if They Offer Easy Online Ordering or a Mobile App

Online ordering is the best method when it comes to fuel delivery request in New England. After all, you have a busy schedule—there’s no need to wait for business hours to call and order after being put on hold. Instead, seek out an oil delivery company that offers online oil ordering—or even better, ordering in seconds via a free mobile app.

7. Find out How Quickly They Deliver Fuel in MA

Does the oil provider you’re considering offer a delivery guarantee? We’re so confident in our oil delivery drivers’ ability to get your fuel to you that we offer a $10 account credit if your order takes longer than two business days to arrive at your home.

8. Ask If They Partner with an HVAC Service Company

The final thing to look for in a discount oil delivery company is if they partner with a full-service HVAC company. This partnership will allow you to have one phone number on hand no matter what heating or cooling needs your family or business encounters.

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PayLessforOil.com Is the Top Discount Heating Oil Supplier in Western MA & Northern CT

PayLessForOil.com is pleased to be Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut’s top discount heating oil delivery supplier. Residents and business owners across New England trust PayLessForOil.com’s trained and qualified heating oil delivery team to provide a reliable and affordable source of fuel oil for all of their MA & CT heating and water heating needs.

The best part is that our services don’t end at affordable delivery of your heating oil! We check all the boxes when it comes to home heating. When you need fast delivery, you can count on our two-day delivery guarantee. Want the latest in heating oil technology? We provide a triple-blend of Bioheat® fuel which includes ultra-low sulfur heating oil, biodiesel, and a proprietary additive to help your equipment run smoothly.

If you think it couldn’t get any better, we’re pleased to correct you: it does. We offer 24/7 online ordering along with a simple three-step registration process to become our customer. Return customers get even lower heating oil delivery pricing AND access to reorder in seconds using our iPhone and Android mobile app.

How to Become a Customer of PayLessForOil.com

It’s simple to become a new customer of PayLessForOil.com. Here’s the three-step process that you can use to register as a customer and start enjoying all the benefits that our team of energy experts provides:



Tell us about you and your oil tank by completing our New Customer Registration and Digital Tank Inspection form. It’s easy to complete on your smartphone.



After we verify your oil tank is safe for delivery, we will link you to our easy-to-use new customer ordering form.



Kick back and relax as we guarantee your oil delivery within two business days.

Already a Customer of PayLessForOil.com?

We’re so glad you’re here! Please keep in mind that you can use our mobile app to place refill requests for your home heating oil delivery tank in seconds. If you would like to update your information or manage your account, you can use the iPhone and Android app to log into your PayLessForOil.com customer account. We look forward to continuing to provide your Western MA or Northern CT home or business with unmatched comfort and warmth!