Questions to Ask a Potential Fuel Provider

Accidents happen and as a homeowner it is important to make sure you are protected (especially when it comes to choosing a fuel provider). There are many companies who are willing to deliver your fuel, but may not be able to do it properly. To make sure you are receiving the high-level service you deserve, please remember to ask the potential companies these questions:

Top Questions to Ask A Fuel Supplier:

Do you have insurance coverage?

If the company does not have the proper insurance, the homeowner is responsible for any damage that is caused.

Do you have risk management procedures in place?

They may have insurance coverage, but it is also important to know that there is a plan in place in case an accident does happen.

How long has the company been in business?

Of course the longer they have been in business, the better. With that being said, this should not be a disqualifying factor.

Can they provide referrals and testimonials?

Make sure to ask the following questions, as well as any other questions you feel are necessary:

    • Was delivery timely?
    • How was the customer service?
    • Would you call them trustworthy?
    • Would you use them again?
    • Would you recommend them to your mom?

Do they have proper licensing?

This may change from state to state. It a license is required, they should be able to provide it. If you are unsure of what licensing a company may need, call your local government offices.

What is their delivery area?

Make sure the company services the area in which you reside. It is also important to ask which days the company delivers in your area.

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