Top Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! And you know what that means. It’s almost time to start preparing your MA or CT home for the next season. This can be overwhelming for some, but for any homeowner, it can be very important in maintaining your home and can even save you some money! Continue reading this blog post from to learn some things to focus on with the upcoming season.

#1 To-Do List for Spring in MA & CT

Get Your Heating Oil Tank Filled with an Oil Delivery

One of the top tasks in preparing your home for spring is to make sure that your home heating oil tank is full. Keeping a full oil fuel tank during the warmer months is important because it prevents condensation from collecting on the inside which could cause rust and internal corrosion on your tank. This could cause your tank to leak oil, creating a huge and expensive mess to clean up, not to mention the cost to replace your tank. You can request a home heating oil delivery from PayLess conveniently online.

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Get Your Annual Heating & Cooling Tune-ups

If you haven’t had your heating system and A/C tuned up yet, now is the perfect time. Your heating system has worked hard all winter, and it’s best to tune up your A/C before the hot weather starts. Tune-ups improve efficiency and help lower energy bills.

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

After running your forced-hot air heating system all winter, it’s time to clean your ducts before you turn on your central A/C. If you have allergies, getting your ducts cleaned will remove dust, dirt, and debris that could irritate allergies. You’ll benefit from cleaner indoor air and better efficiency from your A/C.

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Get Rid of That Clutter

Make your home more spacious by removing the clutter that has gathered throughout your house over the winter months. During the winter, the air in your house gets locked in. This allows a great environment for airborne bacteria, mold, dust, dirt, and anything brought in from the outdoors to grow and spread inside. This can be especially dangerous if you, or someone in your family, has allergies or asthma.

Clean Carpets and Floors

After clearing out the clutter, it’s important to clean your floors. Carpets can hold a lot of dust and bacteria. Think of it as a filter. As time passes it fills up, and every once in a while, you need to empty the filter so things can flow freely again! Vacuum and mop your floor, moving all furniture and items out of the way.

Deep-Clean the Kitchen

When cleaning your kitchen, it’s always important to first clear it of any clutter. Clean all the dishes you have and put everything away; this will leave you with a nice open space to clean the things that get less attention. After everything is cleared out, start by dusting everything. Yes, everything! (This applies to your whole house.) Ceilings, walls, photographs, ceiling fans, on top of the fridge, and anywhere else you can think of. After, move onto cleaning ovens, microwaves, and the refrigerator. Clean the inside of the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and make sure to mop those floors.

Organize the Garage

Spring cleaning is always a good time to get rid of junk, and for a lot of us, that junk can be found in our garage. This, along with the clutter you cleaned out from your house are a good place to make some extra income. Set up some sales online or have a yard sale! The extra bucks can be used for some family spring activities. After emptying out the garage try to find new ways to store your items. Building new shelves and putting hooks up can be a great way to move things out of the way like bikes and outdoor items.

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Get in Touch with for Heating Oil Delivery

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