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Keep Your Tank in Mind

One of the benefits of using heating oil is having your supply safely stored on your property, giving you access to your fuel whenever you may need it. Your storage tank, while sitting quietly underground or in your basement, isn’t immune to normal wear and tear. Although storage tanks are built to last, and typically they do for many years, it’s wise to keep an eye out for any signs that your oil storage tank is experiencing some issues that could lead to a release. Here are some of the things to take note of:


  • Dieback on any vegetation around your tank, indicating contamination
  • Cracking or sinking of the tank base and supports
  • Broken, cracked or missing gauges
  • Dampness or staining around joints of all visible pipework, valves and filters
  • Cracking, splitting, bulging of paint and oil around seams and weld locations for metal tanks


Another important thing to remember, especially when moving into the warmer months, is to make sure your tank is always full – yes, even after the winter is over! The reason for this is to prevent sludge buildup that can occur when the space inside your storage tank allows water to accumulate and mix in with the oil that remains. These sediments can get into your heating system and cause problems next winter. Avoid costly repairs and cleanups and
call us today if you believe your storage tank is at risk.