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Simple Ways to Enjoy the Summertime While it Lasts

It’s been a great season full of warm weather and relaxed weekends. With only a month left of summer here in Massachusetts and Connecticut, there is still so much to still do! Enjoy the continuous, warm summer nights, celebrate summertime, and prepare your New England home and heating system for the upcoming fall and winter with some of these must-dos. Continue reading this blog post from PayLessforOil.com to learn more:

Top 8 Ways to Enjoy Your Last Month of Summer in MA & CT:

Take a long, relaxing walk

Whether alone, with friends, or a pet, nothing beats a nice evening walk.  Walking has many health benefits- including reducing stress.  Seek some nearby bike paths, trails, and lookouts!

Have a backyard bonfire

As temperatures begin to drop and evenings get cooler, campfires make the perfect night activity!  Remember, August 10th is National S’more’s Day! Be sure to make the most of it and stock up on marshmallows!

Look for local farmers’ markets

For a relaxing day, look at some fresh veggies, fruits, crafts, and more at a local farmer’s market or craft show! Use what you picked up to make a delicious summer recipe or buy a gift for someone special. Check online for more information.

Consider a heating service plan

Regular maintenance of your heating system, especially during the off-season, allows it to run smoothly when you need it to. You’ll also reduce your annual heating costs with increased fuel efficiency and fewer breakdowns.

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Attend a baseball game

There are so many things to do at a baseball game.  The experience is full of fun, food, company…and baseball!  Check if a local college team is playing or head to Boston to catch the Red Sox! You never know, you may snag a fly ball!

Attend a tailgate or concert

Grab a group of friends and head to a local concert or street performance!  Most of these shows are free and offer a variety of entertainment options. There are many local bands showcasing their work throughout the summer!  The Xfinity Center in Hartford, CT hosts many concerts outdoor.  Be sure to get tickets in advance.

Chill out with an ice cream treat

Nothing beats eating a nice cold, ice cream on a warm, summer night!  Whether in a cup or on a cone, stop by a local shop for a tasty treat!

Order heating fuel delivery from PayLessForOil.com

Ordering fuel during the summer helps to reduce condensation in your heating oil storage tank, reducing the lasting damage that water can cause. Don’t waste any of your summer trying to get your next oil delivery. You can order online easily with PayLessforOil.com.

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Get in Touch with PayLessforOil.com for Increased Home Comfort in MA or CT

We hope these suggestions help you and your family find a special way to enjoy the little things and the remainder of your summer! If you need anything at all related to your home heating system or comfort budget, we look forward to assisting you. Simply contact our team and let us know how we can help. Thank you for trusting PayLessForOil.com with the security of your Massachusetts or Connecticut property.