Why August Is the Perfect Time for Heating Maintenance

heating technician performing tune-up
Sad as we are to say it aloud, August is the last full month of summer here in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Fall is right around the corner, and we all know what that means–cold weather and heating system startup season. But the good news is that this month is the perfect time to schedule heating system maintenance. Booking your annual maintenance now will set you up for a successfully warm and cozy fall this year. Keep reading this blog post from PayLessforOil.com to learn the top benefits of scheduling your heating maintenance appointment now.

Benefits of Scheduling Your Tune-Up Now

Here are a few reasons why August is the perfect month to schedule your heating system tune-up for the year:

  1. Early-Bird Scheduling Perks

When you schedule during August, you’ll get the pick of the litter in heating tune-up appointments. Forget being stuck with end-of-the-day Friday appointments, just when you want to get out of the house and start your weekend. You’ll can choose any time slot that works with your busy schedule when you early.

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  1. Time to Plan For Necessary Repairs

If you wait until November or December to book your heating tune-up, you’ll be extremely pressed for time if you need any repairs before your heating system works around the clock to keep your home or business warm. Instead, book now to save yourself the headache of a freezing property in the dead of winter.

  1. Budgeting Flexibility

Money doesn’t grow on trees! If you wait too long for a tune-up, you won’t have time to budget for any suggestions your technician provides to improve your system’s operating efficiency. Booking now allows you to plan for any upgrades or service you’d like done to help increase your home’s value and your furnace’s or boiler’s reliability.

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Contact Us to Get Your Annual Maintenance Scheduled in MA or CT

Fall is right around the corner and will arrive before we know it! As a homeowner or business owner in Connecticut or Massachusetts, you know how quickly warm temperatures fade away. Contact us to book your annual heating system efficiency tune-up. Once fall arrives, you’ll feel glad you did!