Signs Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

Top Signs You Need a Furnace Inspection & Tune-up

Did you know that the average lifespan of a furnace is 16-20 years¹ but without proper maintenance and annual inspections the time it takes for your heating system to break down may be much earlier. Use these signs as a way to tell if your furnace may need a tune-up sooner than you think!

  1. No Heat

Payless for oil Oct1 One of the most simple and obvious ways to tell if your furnace needs a tune-up is the lack of heat when turned on. Be sure to check that your heating system is in fact turned on and always test it out before the weather drops too cold. If the circuit breakers are on and your system was previously working properly, call a technician to come check out the problem.

  1. Utility Bill Increase

You may not notice until you get the bill, but a spike in the number of gallons you are burning is another indicator that your furnace may be on the fritz. If you seem to be burning more oil than usual, call your fuel provider to schedule an appointment for maintenance consultation.

  1. Burning Smell

As you first fire up your furnace for the winter it is common to smell the faint odor of warming heat. If this smell is intense or persistent, emanating throughout the house and traveling from room to room then that may be a sign to have your heating system checked by a professional.

  1. Loud NoisesPayless for oil Oct2

As the equipment ages it is very likely your heating system will begin to make a few noises. But if you notice loud banging, screeching, popping, and whirring frequently then that may be the sound of your furnace breaking down.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Warning

A hidden – but deadly – sign it is time to fix or replace your furnace is the alert of carbon monoxide. When properly installed and working, your carbon monoxide alarms will alert you when the lethal gas is present. A measurement of this toxin can be related to a broken heating system which needs to be addressed immediately.

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