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Winter Safety Tips for MA & CT Homeowners

PayLessForOil.com is a premier online heating oil delivery business in Western Mass. We want to help you protect your home and property through these cold and snowy New England winters. Today we’re sharing five winter safety tips for homeowners in Western MA and North Central CT to help ensure your family is cozy all year long.
Winter Home Safety


5 Ways to Stay on Top of Winter Safety This Year

  1. Always keep your fuel oil tank full.
    Although weather in New England can be up and down, it’s vital to keep your fuel oil tank full. Running out of heating oil can cause costly damage to your heating system. Not only will a no-heat scenario leave your family cold in the winter, but it’s also a safety hazard. Avoid this by heading to PayLessForOil.com to schedule a home heating oil delivery to your Western MA or Central CT home.
  1. Know how to read your tank gauge.
    We want you to be as prepared as possible with our winter safety tips for MA & CT homeowners. Looking at your tank gauge regularly allows you to stay ahead of weather patterns. Make sure you have enough fuel for your home by knowing how to properly read your tank gauge.
  1. Keep your driveway, walkways, and fill pipe clear of ice and snow.
    Regularly plow your driveway and shovel any walkways that lead to your fuel oil tank’s fill pipe. This allows your fuel delivery driver to safely access your home and fill pipe to supply your heating oil on time. Be sure to check that the oil vent is free of snow and icy buildup!
  1. Protect your home heating equipment.
    Taking proper care of your oil tank helps keep it running for your home and family through the winter. Contact us today to schedule your oil tank safety inspection.
  1. Practice pet safety.
    Don’t forget about your furry friends! There are many ways to keep your pets protected this winter, such as a reflective collar, wiping their paws after walks to protect from chemicals, and cleaning up any poisonous antifreeze spills. Also, remember to never leave your pets in a cold car!

PayLessForOil.com provides affordable commercial and residential heating oil services to Springfield, Chicopee, Amherst, Northampton, and other areas of Western MA and North Central CT. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your home safe and warm this winter!