What is Renewable Diesel?

PayLessForOil.com is proud to be fueling our fleet with renewable diesel fuel. Made from renewable resources, this innovative fuel works exactly like regular diesel fuel, but burns clean. When you order your next heating oil delivery from us, you can rest assured that our delivery team at PayLessForOil.com is dedicated to helping reduce carbon emissions in our community to do our part in creating a more sustainable future for us all! Keep reading to learn all the ins-and-outs about renewable diesel, why we chose to fuel our delivery fleet with this excellent fuel option, and what this means for our environment and our service to our Western MA and Northern CT customers.

We Are Now Fueling Our Fleet with Renewable Diesel

In addition to already offering our customers eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel to heat their homes here in Massachusetts and Connecticut, we’ve decided to take our commitment to clean energy a step further by using renewable diesel to power our very own delivery fleet. Much like the benefits of using renewable fuel for your home heating system, using renewable diesel in vehicles offers similar benefits of releasing lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere, helping systems to run more efficiently, and can be used in traditional diesel engines as an alternative to petroleum diesel. Our decision to make this change ultimately was to better serve our customers and our community by selecting the best possible fuel option to not only deliver to your home, but to help us get there.

What is Renewable Diesel Made Of?

Renewable diesel is made from a blend of ingredients consisting of natural fats, inedible oils, greases, and even some energy crops to create a fuel that is, at least chemically, the same as petroleum diesel fuel. However, the main difference is that renewable diesel does not contain the impurities and harmful emissions that petroleum fuel does. Better yet, renewable diesel is not created using crude oil. The other main difference is that renewable diesel fuel is only available in a couple locations in the northeastern U.S.

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Environmental Benefits of Renewable Diesel Fuel

When it comes to finding an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels, there are a few options out there. Our team here at PayLessForOil.com has decided to take advantage of all the environmental benefits that renewable diesel has to offer in order to help make a difference in our community. Some of the most notable benefits of using this petroleum diesel alternative are:

  • Made from renewable resources: Renewable diesel lives up to its name by its ability to be produced by readily available sources instead of with crude oil and other fossil fuel components. Instead, this fuel can be produced with inedible oils, agricultural byproducts, and abundant fuel crops.
  • Can be used in existing diesel fuel engines: One unbeatable benefit of renewable diesel is its ability to be used in existing diesel engines without any modifications required. Since renewable diesel is chemically identical to petroleum diesel, this makes the fuel both a great environmental and economical swap for companies with a fleet like ours!
  • Clean-burning: Renewable diesel, unlike traditional diesel doesn’t contain as many impurities and burns much cleaner, reducing carbon emissions up to 100% with certain fuel blends.
  • Reduces carbon footprint: When compared to petroleum diesel, renewable diesel contributes to a huge reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases during its production making it an overall more environmentally-conscious fuel.

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Make a Difference When You Have Your Fuel Delivered by PayLessForOil.com

When you rely on our heating oil delivery experts at PayLessForOil.com to deliver your supply of eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel, you can trust that our team is doing their part to help reduce carbon emissions in our community with our decision to fuel our delivery truck fleet with renewable diesel. Ready to place your next heating oil delivery order? Be sure to check your price online today with our daily price quote tool to get started. Plus, take advantage of our convenient 24/7 online ordering and other time-saving web services when you download the PayLessForOil.com app on Google Play or the App Store now! Not yet a customer? Register via this form now to hurry and get the best prices on heating fuel.