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Economic Benefits of the Bioheat® Fuel Industry in MA & CT

If you live in Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut, then you already know that New Englanders are a tough bunch of people who see the value of a hard day’s work. Did you know that the Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel industry supports 62,000 jobs across the United States, including many right here in your neighborhood? Not only that, but this thriving industry generates billions of dollars in GDP, household income, and tax revenue. To learn why Bioheat® fuel is better for local homes and businesses, keep reading this blog post from PayLessForOil.com!

Top Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel for Businesses, Employees, & Homeowners in New England

You might not realize it, but many different types of local businesses play a role in the Bioheat® fuel industry and its contributions to our economy. Here are some examples:

Livestock Producers

Bioheat® fuel helps to bring down the price of crops such as soybean meal by increasing the demand for byproducts like soybean oil.

Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners are able to sell their used cooking oil, which was once a waste product, to biodiesel producers and produce an additional source of income for their business.

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Bioheat® Fuel Providers

And Bioheat® fuel is delivered by local, family-run fuel companies that have been serving their communities for generations, meaning their employees contribute right back to the local economy.

Supporting Jobs in Many Sectors

Speaking of those employees, the Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel industry supports jobs in a variety of sectors—such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and service—and these careers come with competitive pay and benefits.

Bioheat® Fuel Benefits for Homeowners

But you might be wondering, what benefits does Bioheat® fuel offer you, the consumer? Well, the answer is simple: Bioheat® fuel helps extend the life of your heating equipment, reduces fuel consumption, and ultimately helps you save money for years to come.

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