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Why You Need a Spring Tank Fill Up in MA & CT

With winter at an end and your fuel levels low from the heating season, it’s the ideal time to schedule your next fuel tank fill up in Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut. It can be tempting to skip the spring oil delivery if you have enough fuel to get through most of the summer. It seems like that money could be put toward planning the next family summer vacation. But the truth is, a lot could go wrong when your tank is at a quarter full for extended periods, and you won’t realize it until you’re paying for repairs, replacements and clean ups. Here at PayLessForOil.com, we’re committed to giving you the facts about the importance of filling up your oil tank. Keep reading to learn more!

The Biggest Reason You Need a Spring Tank Fill Up in Western MA & Northern CT

One reason it is imperative to have your tank filled regularly is simple: water accumulation. It’s almost impossible to keep out of fuel storage tanks. This is because your tank “breathes” regularly through the tank vent, and when this happens condensation builds up and moisture re-enters the tank. Additionally, rainfall can find numerous ways into outdoor tanks through those same vents or improperly capped filling pipes. If your oil comes into contact with moisture during the distribution process, water will be delivered along with your oil.

Accumulation of water at any point can affect the integrity of your storage tank and its ability to contain the oil by creating an environment that promotes bacterial and fungal growth. Contamination is possible when bacteria- or fungus-infested water sits in the bottom of your tank, corroding it over time, leading to an oil leak. This process is referred to as microbial influenced corrosion, or MIC for short.

The presence of water in fuel storage tanks can also cause the degradation of the oil leading to a build up of sludge, a mixture of water, oil and other solid contaminants, that can reduce efficiency and lead to further damage of equipment if released into the system. This can mean a hefty repair bill for your existing heating system, or even a total heating system replacement. Luckily, that kind of unexpected expense can be avoided with a spring fill up. A full tank means less space for water to build up, meaning less risk for you and your summer vacation plans.

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Ready For Your Spring Tank Fill Up? Get in Touch with PayLessForOil.com!

Don’t wait until it’s too late, and the damage to your tank and heating system has already been done. PayLessForOil.com is proud to offer not only professional and reliable delivery of heating oil, but also a variety of home comfort services, such as furnace and boiler tune-ups, air conditioning service, and our popular service plans. Ensure your storage tank’s integrity by scheduling your next oil delivery sooner rather than later. Contact us today!