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Advice from the Experts: Store Plenty of Heating Oil at All Times

It’s easy to wait too long between ordering home heating oil in MA & CT. But did you know you risk your family’s safety and home’s security by neglecting to order when your tank is ½ full or less? Keep reading to learn what benefits come with ordering fuel oil on time.
Fill your oil tank

Why to Never Let Your Oil Tank Drop Below Half Full

Letting your fuel run low is a game of chance—similar to pushing your car gas tank below “E.” Many people risk running out of fuel completely by allowing their heating oil tanks to drop below ½, but this is a dangerous game to play when it comes to home heating. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why ordering heating oil by the time your tank reaches ½ capacity is the best choice you can make:

Avoiding Heating Oil Runouts

Running out of oil in the dead of a New England winter isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Instead, get in the habit of placing your heating oil orders early. An empty oil tank can also cause permanent damage to your water systems, because they can freeze and burst in the cold. Another thing most people don’t know about empty oil tanks is that they allow room for internal condensation, which deteriorates and corrodes the integrity of the metal.

Reduced Risk of a No-Heat Emergency

Having no heat in freezing temperatures is uncomfortable and scary. It’s especially important to have reliable heat when you have children, the elderly, or small pets living in your home, as they can be more sensitive to drops in temperature. Increase the safety and comfort of your home by placing your heating oil order before your tank gets down to ½ full.

Convenient Oil Ordering

Ordering heating oil in MA & CT has never been easier than with PayLessForOil.com. It’s easy for residential and commercial oil heat customers to place delivery requests online, any time of the day or night. Don’t wait on hold with a full-service oil company: order discount heating oil online and get your oil delivery promptly.

Our Oil Delivery Guarantee

Unlike some other companies that offer special deals on their heating oil delivery, we stand by our word. We promise that if we fail to meet our oil delivery commitments, we’ll give you a $10 account credit that you can use towards your next home heating fuel order.

Thank you for choosing PayLessForOil.com! Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.