Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full with

It’s almost summer in Massachusetts, so it’s not the season to run the heater. Your oil tank might be something that’s far from your mind. But, say you come home from a long day at work and run the tub to take a relaxing hot bath, and all you get is a stream of ice-cold water with no indication of heating up. You might be out of oil. Below are some steps you can take if you run out of oil as well as some precautions you can take to prevent running out of oil in the future.
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What to Do If You Run out of Oil

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re actually out of heating oil and not having issues with the oil storage tank. If you’re unsure, call a professional in your service area for a maintenance check.
  • If it turns out you do need to refill your tank, contact your fuel provider and set up an oil delivery. How much and how soon you’ll need it will depend on how critical the situation is.
  • If you run out of oil, grime can build up in your tank, and you’ll need a professional to bleed the tank for you. Using a professional is the smart route to take because bleeding the system incorrectly could lead to additional complications and unexpected costs to resolve them.

How to Prevent Running out of Oil

  • Be proactive and budget for your oil costs, so you can afford an oil delivery whenever you need it: and remember that you will burn more oil in the winter than you will in the summer.
  • Track the level of oil in your tank with a tank gauge or monitor and be sure to order oil when you have about ¼ of a full tank left.
  • Consider setting a reminder for yourself for your regular oil ordering intervals. This will help the process stay top of mind in case you don’t happen to think of checking your oil tank gauge.

Contact for a Refill

If you run out of oil, contact us to help you get it resolved as quickly as possible. At, we can help you determine what you need to do in an affordable and timely manner. Better yet, always keep your tank full by simply ordering online or using our mobile app.