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How Much Heating Oil Will I Use in Western Mass or Northern CT?

Many families in the Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut regions rely on heating oil to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the heating season. As temperatures cool down, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in heating needs. And with that increase, homeowners may begin to wonder how much heating oil they can expect to use during the colder months. PayLessForOil.com is here to answer your questions in this blog post, as well as supply you with the heating oil you need. Continue reading to learn more.

How Long Should Heating Oil Last?

Generally speaking, heating oil will last around 18 to 24 months inside a residential oil tank, providing the tank is clean and free of impurities. High-quality oil with proper additives is key, but usually if you have a partially full tank left over in fall after having your heat off during spring and summer, it will still be in good condition to heat your home.

Your use of heating oil will be determined by a sliding scale that relies mostly on outside temperature. For example, if the weather averages 50 degrees, you will most likely use 2 gallons of heating oil per day. If the weather goes down to 15 degrees, you will most likely use as much as 8 gallons of heating oil per day. Most places in New England experience temperatures somewhere in the middle of this scale, so you can expect to use about 5 gallons of heating oil per day during the coldest parts of winter, as long as the temperature is at the average of the lower 30s.

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How Much Heating Oil Do I Need?

On average, a residential heating oil tank holds 275 gallons. We know that if the outside temperature is 50 degrees you can expect to burn 2 gallons of heating oil. If you divide a full 275-gallon tank by two, the heating oil inside it will last about 137 days. So, if the entire cold season were to be around 50 degrees every day, you would only need one tank of heating oil per year. But the weather in New England is notoriously fickle, and it’s likely that the temperatures are going to fluctuate. This means you should keep an eye on both the forecast and your oil tank to know when it’s time to reorder.

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