How to Avoid a Scary No-Heat Situation This Fall & Winter

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is getting ready for scares and screams, but you can avoid a frightening no-heat situation this season! Nothing can be scarier, more overwhelming, and more stressful than losing heat during one of our bitter cold New England winters. That’s why we at offer these tips to keep your heat up and running this fall and winter; you can save the scares for Halloween night, candy, and costumes. Keep reading for the best tips to keep your heat on this season.

Keep Your Tank Full with a Delivery from

One of the biggest culprits of losing heat in the middle of winter is running out of heating oil. Letting your tank run dry isn’t only an inconvenience—it’s also dangerous. When you run out of fuel, your heat stops, putting your family in danger of freezing temperatures—as well as risking the freezing and bursting of pipes in your home.

You can prevent running out of fuel by making sure to order heating oil when your tank gauge is at or above ¼ full. That means when your tank reaches 25%, you should request a heating oil delivery from to ensure that we can deliver your fuel before your run out.

Book Your Annual Tune-Up with an Experienced Heating Technician

Next to running out of heating oil, mid-season breakdowns and malfunctions with your heating equipment is another cause for loss of heat during winter. The best way to prevent any heating system mishaps is to book an annual tune-up early in the season, preferably before it’s time to power on your furnace or boiler.

A heating system tune-up will ensure your system runs efficiently and help you avoid costly repairs. Plus, annual maintenance comes with plenty of other perks and benefits, like maximum energy efficiency, maximized fuel economy, improved indoor air quality, and an extended equipment lifespan. The most helpful thing about annual maintenance on your heating system is that if there are any issues, a technician can catch those problems when they are early and small, preventing them from turning in expensive mid-season malfunctions.

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Request Service from

We hope these two tips help you keep your home cozy and warm all fall and winter long. The best way to avoid a scary no-heat situation is to keep your heating oil storage tank full and book annual maintenance for your heating system to prevent the possibility of a breakdown. Doing these two things will help ensure a hiccup-free heating system. When you’re ready to book a tune-up or request a delivery from, simply contact us. We look forward to serving you.