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Why Bioheat® Fuel Should Be Part of the MA Clean Heat Standard

At PayLessForOil.com, we care greatly for the environment and our customers in our Massachusetts service area. Over the years, we have been proud to develop our Bioheat® fuel product, which has gotten cleaner burning with every year. For this reason, we believe that Bioheat® fuel should be a part of the Clean Energy solution in Massachusetts—but not everyone shares that opinion. Read this blog post to learn what the MA Clean Heat Standard is and the impact it could have on your home, your energy choice, and your wallet.

What is the MA Clean Heat Standard?

The MA Clean Heat Standard is a climate policy from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) to meet the emissions limit for residential, commercial, and industrial heating. It is not a bill, meaning it does not need to pass through the legislative process. Unless Massachusetts residents voice their opposition, MassDEP will implement the policy this year. Through this policy, your MA state government plans to:

  • Remove low carbon Bioheat® fuel from the Clean Energy solution.
  • Tax your Bioheat® fuel, propane, and natural gas bills, by a lot! But they aren’t calling it a tax.
  • Force you to replace your reliable oil or gas furnace with an unreliable heat pump, costing you thousands of dollars.
  • Take away your right to choose how you heat your own home.

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Bioheat® Fuel Should be a Part of the Clean Energy Solution

We here at PayLessForOil.com believe that consumers need real choices that can help reduce carbon with immediate impact, and Bioheat® fuel is available and ready to do just that. The MA state government should not be deciding the type of energy you use in your home, nor should they be removing a fuel source that contributes to decarbonization efforts. Some of the benefits of eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel include:

  • Created from renewable resources such as agricultural by-products and recycled waste
  • Cleaner burning with fewer emissions than traditional heating oil
  • An energy-efficient fuel that supports U.S. jobs

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Make Your Voice Heard! Act Now to Oppose the MA Clean Heat Standard!

Ready to stand up for your energy choice? PayLessForOil.com is here to help you make your voice heard. Visit our webpage dedicated to the Clean Heat Standard and fill out the form on the right-hand side to contact your state representatives. Let them know you are opposed to the Clean Heat Standard becoming policy in Massachusetts without the inclusion of low carbon Bioheat® fuel!