Away for the Holidays – Energy Savings Handbook


Your Guide to Holiday Energy Savings

The holidays mean many things: family, friends, food, fun… But all this increased activity can also sometimes lead to high energy bills. Asking Santa for a low utility bill this year? Using our “Away For The Holidays – Energy Savings Handbook” you won’t have to! Here are PayLessForOil we are bringing you a list of tips and tricks to help you cut back energy costs while you’re away enjoying your hard-earned holiday vacation.



Tune down your thermostat’s degree when leaving the home for holiday vacation. Set it to a maximum of 65° F and at a minimum of 55° F. Setting your heating system to operate within this range will typically prevent household plants and plumbing pipes from freezing while scaling back the amount of energy your home consumes while you’re away.



Turn off electronics and small appliances that will not in use. Things like televisions, video game consoles, home-entertainment systems, battery chargers, computers monitors and systems, fans, and microwaves. Each one individually may not use much electricity, but all together the amount can be exhausting.



Consider unplugging the fridge. You don’t want to come home to moldy leftovers, but if you’re going away for awhile keeping your fridge cold can be expensive. If you’re going on a long trip and don’t want to unplug the fridge, either empty it entirely or fill it with foods that have life shelves that will outlast your time away from home. Be sure to at least unplug the ice maker (if you have one).



Turn off the water supply and drain the taps to prevent disasters if your power fails and the pipes freeze. Be sure to flush any sediment out of the lines before you turn off the taps and simply turn the water back on at the main valve and turn up your water heater when you return.



LED lights use 90% less energy than traditional holiday lights making them extremely energy efficient. LED lights last longer, and more durable, and are much safer making them the premiere Christmas choice.

Want to learn more about LED lights? Read our “Home For The Holidays – Energy Savings Handbook” for more info!



Timers are one technology that makes it easier for us to worry less about the electronics when we leave behind when we’re away. Many facets of your home are programmable and can be set according to your holiday vacation schedule. Check your remote connection to your smart thermostat and verify its vacation settings. Update any software and resolve any problems before you leave. Lamps, thermostats, and decorative lights are a few basic examples of items you can program with a home timer.


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