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When to Buy Discount Heating Oil in Massachusetts

Daylight Saving Time hit Massachusetts hard this year. With less sunlight, temperatures have plummeted. You may be starting to think about your home heating oil tank and wondering when the best time would be to fill it up for the season. Our heating oil delivery experts have compiled a quick checklist of helpful tips to help you decide when the best time would be for you to place a discount home heating oil order from your trusted local provider.

winter cold house

Research Daily Local Oil Prices

Spend some time looking around for affordable discount oil providers in your area. At PayLessforOil.com, we offer free, transparent daily heating oil prices right here on our website! Simply check out the box on the right side of your screen to see today’s low oil prices. To place an order, all you have to do is click Order Heating Oil. Fill out the short form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Check Your Heating Oil Storage Tank

If your heating oil tank has less than ¼ capacity of oil, be sure to order oil right away. Running out of oil is an unnecessary risk that can cause damage to your furnace or boiler. Besides, your family will be stuck in a no-heat emergency if you run out of oil before your next oil delivery is made. When you order oil on a will-call basis, be sure to check your fuel tank gauge regularly. Here’s how to do so.

How to Check Your Fuel Oil Tank Level

  1. Find the small glass gauge on your heating oil storage tank.
  2. Read the gauge to see how much fuel oil you have left.
  3. Order oil by the time your fuel gauge reaches ¼!

Watch the Forecast in Your MA Town

Winter in MA is no joke! Keep an eye on the weather to make sure you have heating oil delivered before winter storms or cold snaps. Ordering your heating oil online from a will-call, discount heating oil company is a great way to ensure you have oil when you need it.

Homeowners living in Western Massachusetts can order discount heating oil from PayLessforOil.com in minutes. Contact us if you have questions about ordering heating oil in Massachusetts, or visit our FAQ page to read more about our discount MA oil deliveries.