Tips for a Clean Spring

Spring Cleaning PayLessForOil Western MassSpring is here and what better way to spend the season than with a clean home!  Say goodbye to the dust and musky air and hello to clean and fresh air!

Here are some tips to help make the cleaning easy:

  • Give your doormats a shake, wash, or swat – Doormats are not only the first thing a guest sees, but they are also the front line against tracking in dirt. It is important to keep these clean, so the rest of your house stays spotless too!
  • Shampoo carpets & upholstery – Fabrics are known to absorb dirt and germs from the winter. Get them ready for another year of wear and tear by calling a local cleaner or do it yourself!
  • Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodwork – You may think that dust falls straight to the floor, but a good amount will also cling to vertical surfaces. Use a sponge and soap to clean away any dust that may be left behind.
    • Tip: Use a sponge mop to make it easier to reach higher spots.
  • Remove dust and dirt from the ceiling fans – Fans tend to collect dust and dirt along their blades. Use a cloth and vacuum to remove any debris that is left.
    • Tip: Make sure each blade is fully clean before turning the fan on.
  • Air our comforters, blankets and pillows – They may not need to be cleaned, but after a long winter in a closed-off home they may need some air. Hang them on a clothesline for a day outside.
  • Clean out the fridge – It is always good to go through your fridge and do a deep cleaning. Throw out forgotten items and rearrange the condiments. Make sure to also give it a good soaking.
    • Tip: The best cleaner is a combination of salt and soda water.
  • Turn your drapes from drab to fab – Throw your drapes into the dryer and run them on an air-fluff cycle along with a wet towel. This will help remove any dust that may have been collected.

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- Melissa D. - West Springfield, MA