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Taking Care Of Your Car During Winter


Car Maintenance Tips for Winter:

We never recommend heading out when the weather is hazardous, but if you live in an area where the winter is strong then traveling in the snow, sleet, and rain is inevitable. It is important to stay safe when driving outside and with these tips from The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence you can better prepare you and your passengers on the road.


Add De-icer / Anti-freeze

Adding fuel de-icer to your car helps prevent moisture from freezing in the fuel line. Cleaning, flushing, and adding new anti-freeze to the cooling system regularly helps prevent problems when you least expect it.


Replace Filters

Old and dirty filters make your engine run less efficiently and waste more gas. Make sure to place the air, fuel, or PCV filters that may be causing your car to run poorly.


Change Oil

Changing your oil is an essential part of standard maintenance to your car. Replace your oil regularly or as needed.


Check Your Battery

A faulty battery is one the last things anyone wants in the dead of winter. Only professional equipment can truly test a weak battery so consult an expert to ensure safety and definite results.


Track The Tires

Winter weather conditions cause driving conditions to become dangerous. Be sure to track the state of your tires to make sure the treading is not worn, torn, or bald.

prep car

Bring Extra / Build an Emergency Kit

You can never be too prepared by having an abundance of supplies in the winter. Stock up on de-icer, windshield wiper, and scrapers/brushes. Also add a working flashlight with batteries, gloves, and a blanket. You’ll be surprised how much you actually use them – and how thankful you are that they’re there.