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Summer Activities at Home For Kids

Summer is near. The kids have been home since March and you’re out of ideas for activities. We compiled a list from our parents here at PayLessForOil.com on some fun summer activities you can have with your kids right at home!


Go on A Nature Hunt


Flowers and bugs and birds, summer is the perfect season to explore nature with kids, even right in your backyard. Whether it’s a jar to capture bugs, butterflies or other insects, or just a pencil and paper to help your child to make observations about bits of nature they collect or sees. Not a fan of insects? Go on a bird watch or basic nature walk as well.


Go Camping in Your Backyard


Are the kids getting cabin fever? We’re sure they are. During a stretch of nice weather, set up a tent, or even just a blanket fort (which is another great activities for the kids to do) in the backyard. Get a fire going and make s’mores, tell ghost stories and just have fun with your kids. It’s also a great time to stargaze at night. Put out a few blankets and lie down in your backyard, and gaze upon the stars. Show your kids how to locate Orion’s Belt and many other stars!


Create an Outdoor Movie Night


You can either purchase, rent, or better yet, borrow a movie projector. All you need is a white sheet, laptop with speakers and your movie selection. It’s a great way for the kids to make their own movie snacks like popcorn. The outdoor movie night can also go well with camping in the backyard.


kids activities paylessforoil.comRecreate A Field Day


With the kids missing out on the end of the school year activities, like Field Day, it may be a great opportunity to recreate it in your backyard! Determine what games you’d like to play, like tug of war, capture the flag, sack races, wiffleball, and more beforehand. Gather your family, create teams and have some fun!


Make an Aquarium


Can’t make it to the beach like a lot of families this year? Bring the beach to your backyard by making mini-aquariums with blue food coloring, plastic toys, plants, and rocks. Grab a mason jar and let your kids get creative!


With summer here, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe and healthy. These summer activities gives your kids an opportunity to get out of the house while still staying home.