Smart Start

Commercial Oil Tank Safety Inspection and Verification Program

Before we can make our first delivery to you, we ask that you participate in our Smart Start program. Smart Start is our oil tank safety inspection and verification program. Smart Start is our way of helping to prevent a costly accident in your business.

With Smart Start, we ask you to email us a few pictures of your oil tank(s) and fill/vent pipes either at the time of or before your first order.  We will review the pictures and either approve your tank for delivery, schedule a technician to come to your business for further evaluation (free of charge), or fail your tank.  If we fail your tank for any reason, we will notify you immediately with suggestions for corrective action.

If you are unable to take pictures yourself, we will gladly schedule a technician to come to your business (free of charge) to inspect your tank, but this might delay your delivery.

Our goal with Smart Start is to help you to avoid the release of hazardous materials in your business.  Hazmat cleanup is extremely expensive, disruptive and not covered by most insurance policies.

Please email your pictures to In the subject line of your email, please include your name, company, and delivery address.

These are some example pictures of what we need to see:

A picture or two that show the underside of the tank:

underside of tank
underside of tank

A picture or two that show the legs of the tank (we will need to see all 4 legs):

tank with legs
tank with all four legs

A picture of the fill and vent piping from the inside:

vent piping
tank with exposed pipes

A picture that shows the connected oil filter:

roth tank
This is a Roth Tank. We highly recommend them for your home.
exposed tank gauge

A picture that shows the top of the tank (that includes the tank gauge):

top of tank
outdoor tank gauge

A picture of the fill and vent piping from the outside:

outdoor vent piping
outdoor vent piping

Examples of Bad Tank Pictures

rusted tank
outdoor rusted tank
bad tank
side of tank
corroded tank
rusted tank

FAQs about Smart Start

Q – Where do I send my pictures?

Please email your pictures to In the subject line of your email, please include your name and delivery address.

Important – Cameras of today take high resolution photos and create file sizes that are quite large. Since you will be sending us around eight photographs you may want to split them into two separate emails, as many servers won’t allow large file attachments to pass through. Most email servers are set at a 10mb max.

Q – What are you looking for in my pictures?

We are looking to ensure that you have a proper fill and vent alarm, no signs of leakage or excessive rust, proper support, and that your tank does not reside on a dirt floor. We will no longer deliver to businesses that have an oil tank with a dirt floor basement, unless the tank is a Roth tank.

Q – What if you can’t determine you can safely deliver with the pictures I have sent you?

We will either ask you to send us a few updated pictures, or we will schedule a technician to come to your business for a site inspection, free of charge to you.

Q – What happens if you disqualify my property from delivery?

We will email or call you with our findings and inform you of necessary repairs or corrective action. If you have pre-paid us for an order, we will refund your money.

Q – When will I receive my oil with Smart Start?

If you send us your pictures at time (or near time) of order and everything is ok, you will receive your order within our normal two-business-day guaranteed time frame.

If we have to schedule a technician to come out to your business, your delivery will be made within two business days of your appointment.

Q – Aren’t you just trying to sell us more stuff with this program?

The answer is a resounding NO! We make our money from delivering fuel. We don’t make money if we disqualify your tank for delivery. We also recognize that when we tell you we can’t deliver, you will most likely go elsewhere to make your purchase. We do not like disqualifying anyone’s tank!

With that being said, we feel it is our responsibility to keep our customers informed. We do what we can to protect homes and the environment. While no picture or physical inspection can completely predict or prevent a leak, they can and DO help.