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New England Winter Fuel Tips

Did you know that New England experiences much cooler weather than other areas of the United States? The typical winter season in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut consists of Nor’easters that often bring a foot or more of snow, plus average temperatures between 36 and 18 degrees. In other words, winter around here is no joke! That’s why it’s so important to remember the tips on this list, compiled by our fuel delivery experts here at PayLessForOil.com. Keep reading this blog post to discover everything you need to know about your fuel this winter in New England!

Winter Fuel Tips for New England

Watch Your Fuel Level

When temperatures fall in MA & CT, you will notice that you may be using more heating oil than usual. It is important to make sure your tank does not go below ¼ full, or you risk costly damage to your heating equipment as well as the stress and discomfort of a no-heat emergency!

Plan Ahead for Snowstorms

These days, our weather forecasts are more accurate than ever. If you are aware of a storm coming, plan ahead! Wintery conditions and colder temperatures can slow our deliveries down, so making sure you have enough heating oil to get you through the bad weather can help you avoid the anxiety of running low on fuel.

Prioritize Snow Removal

As a way to keep our drivers safe, always keep your driveway and path way to your oil fill pipe clear of snow and ice. It is also a good idea to mark the location of your oil fill pipe, so our driver can find it easily (especially if your delivery happens in the dark). It is also important to remove snow away from vents around your home, such as your hot water vent, your furnace or boiler vent, and the vent for your clothes dryer. If a vent is buried in snow and can’t exhaust properly, the whole system could potentially shut off.

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Try to Avoid Fuel Emergencies

If you are close to running out of fuel before your delivery arrives, please get in touch with us immediately. A good rule of thumb to remember is that most homes use 5 gallons of heating oil per day during cold weather. A prolonged cold snap could lead to a no-heat emergency if you aren’t careful.

Choose a Company that Offers HVAC Service

Running out of fuel isn’t the only reason you could have a no-heat emergency this winter! Your heating equipment must be properly maintained in order to function dependably in colder temps. At PayLessForOil.com, we’re proud to hold an exclusive partnership with the best HVAC service provider in the area: FSi Oil and Propane. This partnership also offers HVAC service plans, which come with access to 24-hour emergency service in case you find yourself without heat.

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