New England Winter Fuel Tips

New England experiences much cooler weather than other areas of the United States.  The typical winter season in Massachusetts consists of Nor’easters that often bring a foot or more of snow and has average temperatures between 36 and 18 degrees.  Because of this it is important to remember these tips:

Winter Fuel Tips for New England:

Watch Your Fuel Level

When we begin to experience dips in temperatures, you will notice that you may be using more fuel than usual. It is important to make sure your tank does not go below ¼ full before ordering.  Do not leave ordering your fuel until last minute, as you do not want to be without heat!


If you are aware of a storm coming, plan ahead! Snow and Ice can slow deliveries down, so planning ahead can help you avoid the anxiety of running low.

Snow Removal

As a way to keep our drivers safe, always keep your driveway and path way to your oil fill pipe clear of snow and ice.  Mark the location of your oil fill pipe, this way the driver is able to find it easily (especially when delivery in the dark). It is also important to remove snow away from vents such as: hot water vents, the furnace and the dryer.  If a vent is buried in snow the whole system could potentially shut off.


If you are close to running out before your delivery arrives, please contact us immediately.  A good thing to remember is that most homes use 5 gallons/day during cold weather.