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Introducing the MyPLFO Account Portal

At PayLessforOil.com, we’re excited to announce this month the debut of our new online portal, MyPLFOAccount. This long-awaited account portal has been in the works for some time now, and we’ve finally perfected it and are satisfied with it, so we are ready to give it to our valued customers like you. Since we created it with customers just like you in mind, we are hoping you’ll love the new MyPLFOAccount portal as much as we do! PayLessforOil.com is dedicated to evolving to improve our customers’ experience, so we are always striving toward advancements.

What Is MyPLFOAccount?

MyPLFOAccount is our new customer portal specially designed with your needs in mind. Our portal will have the same features, such as online fuel ordering and paying for your oil online, but the new portal will be vastly improved from the old one.

How Is It Different?

The new MyPLFOAccount portal will have fewer bugs, be much faster, and have more normal password requirements. Our new portal has been optimized for speed and to be more user-friendly. We know you’re going to love it.

How Do You Register for MyPLFOAccount?

First, how do you register for the new account portal on PayLessforOil.com? One thing you will need is your account number. You can access this information from the legacy ordering system, which will remain temporarily linked on our website to help you with re-registering. Please go to our homepage, and look for messaging on the right-hand side to find both the legacy ordering system as well as the new MyPLFOAccount portal. You will still be able to log in to the legacy system and access your account until the end of July. However, don’t try to order fuel or get a price quote; those features have been disabled. Once you get your account information, head over to the MyPLFOAccount and re-register, where you will be able to do everything you’re used to doing when ordering oil. We hope that this will help you during the re-registration process.

Get Ready for MyPLFOAccount and Enter to Win

With the new launch on MyPLFOAccount, both new and existing customers will be responsible for creating new accounts before placing delivery requests, so to show our appreciation for your time, we’re entering every registrant into a giveaway for 50 gallons of free fuel delivery. One winner will be drawn randomly each week. If you register early, you’ll have more chances to win! There will be four weekly raffles of 50 free gallons of oil, and all you have to do is create your profile on MyPLFOAccount. No purchase is necessary. We look forward to seeing you online!