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Top HVAC To-Do’s before Summer

When June finally rolls around, it means summer will arrive in just a handful of days. Are you ready for the seasons to change? When living in New England, particularly in Massachusetts and Connecticut, nothing beats the warm summer months after a long, cold winter and patient spring. As your number one full-service oil company, there are a few reminders we want to let you know about to make sure your HVAC equipment is in tip-top shape for the summer season. Keep on reading this blog post from PayLessforOil.com to find out the top HVAC to-dos to check off your list before the summer season kicks off.

HVAC To-Do List for Western MA & Northern CT:

  • Get Your Oil Tank Filled:

With warm weather here, you need to get a refill to make sure your oil tank is full. Tanks should stay full during the warmer months to prevent condensation from collecting inside. Internal condensation can lead to corrosion, leading to rusting and, finally, leaks. Making sure your tank is full can prevent a disaster. Be sure to schedule a delivery online today.

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  • Get an A/C Tune-Up:

Getting your A/C tuned up is the number one way to lower your energy bills throughout the season. A tune-up maximizes energy efficiency, so you’ll get more energy output, use less power to cool your desired space, and, in turn, lower your energy bills. You’ll also enjoy improved indoor air quality and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • Sign Up for an HVAC Service Plan:

Nothing is worse than having your A/C break down on the hottest days of summer. Having a plan in place is essential to guaranteeing your family’s complete comfort when it comes to home comfort. Signing up for a service plan takes the stress out of unexpected issues, while also giving you benefits like a tune-up and discounts on repairs. You can even sign up for one of our combo heating and cooling service plans, so you are set for the upcoming fall and winter seasons too.

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It’s time to get ready for summer. When you’re ready for an oil delivery or air conditioning system tune-up, simply get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy summer!