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Your Guide to Saving Money on Energy During the Holidays

The holidays mean many things: family, friends, food, fun…but all this increased activity can also sometimes lead to high energy bills. Asking Santa for a low utility bill this year? With these tips, you won’t have to. Here at PayLessForOil.com, we are bringing you a list of tips and tricks to help you cut back energy costs while you’re away, or at home, during this holiday season in Western MA or Northern CT. And don’t forget—placing a fuel oil delivery request from our trusted team of energy experts is a great way to kick off your cold season with warmth and comfort.

The Ultimate Guide to Energy Savings This Holiday Season in MA & CT:

Reducing Energy Bills in Your Home While You’re Away

Going away on a trip to visit loved ones during the holiday season for an extended period? Here are some tips on saving money on energy while you’re gone.


Turn down your thermostat’s degree when leaving home for a holiday vacation. Set it to a maximum of 65°F and at a minimum of 55°F. Setting your heating system to operate within this range will typically prevent household plants and plumbing pipes from freezing while scaling back the amount of energy your home consumes while you’re away.


Turn off the water supply and drain the taps to prevent disasters if your power fails and the pipes freeze. Be sure to flush any sediment out of the lines before you turn off the taps and simply turn the water back on at the main valve and turn up your water heater when you return.


Timers are one technology that makes it easier for us to worry less when we’re away. Many facets of your home are programmable and can be set according to your holiday vacation schedule. Check your remote connection to your smart thermostat and verify its vacation settings. Update any software and resolve any problems before you leave. Lamps, thermostats, and decorative lights are a few basic examples of items you can program with a home timer.

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Reducing Energy Bills While You’re Home for the Holidays:

We know that not everyone goes away for the holidays. So, for those of you that will be hosting loved ones at home for the holidays, here are some helpful tips to save some money on energy too:

Saving Money while Cooking


We know it’s tempting, but don’t open the oven door to take a peek at what’s cooking inside. Turn on the oven light and check the cooking status through the oven window instead. Opening the oven door lowers the temperature inside which increases cooking time and wastes energy.


A simple tip that is often overlooked: Keep the tops on the pots as they cook. Foods cook faster (meaning less energy use) when the lid is on.


When cooking on top of your range, match the size of the pan to the heating element. More heat will get to the pan and less will be lost to the surrounding air. Make sure to clean your equipment regularly to provide better heating and in turn save energy.


The holiday season is a big time for baking. Make the most of your oven and the energy that goes into heating it by cooking several dishes at once. Remember: it takes the same amount of energy to heat a full oven as it does a nearly empty one.

Saving Energy with Your Holiday Decor


LEDs use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights, saving you money on your holiday utility bills, and reducing your impact on the environment. Also, they last up to 100,000 hours. Assuming you use your Christmas lights five hours a day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, that’s only 200 hours of use each year!

Since LEDs use light emitting diodes (not incandescence) to produce light, there are no filaments to have burn out; and thus, no bulbs to replace. And unlike traditional incandescent Christmas lights, LED lights do not get hot–that’s a big plus if you will be using them on a real tree; but really, it’s a big plus, period.

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Conserving Power in Your Workplace


Lighting accounts for the largest use of energy in most commercial spaces. Turning them off is one of the simplest and most effective ways to conserve over a holiday break. Turn off all lights in the office space including desk lamps, overhead lights, kitchen lights, bathroom lights, and hallway lights.


Some appliances use energy even when turned “off.” Look for any devices with clocks, lights, or remote controls as probable energy vampires and unplug them or turn off the power strip to totally turn them off. Include items such as computers and monitors, TV/DVD player, coffee maker, mini-fridge, microwave, printer/scanner/copy machines, and clocks/radios.

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