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Heating Oil Pricing Factors in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Temperatures in New England have been all over the place this winter. Just as we start to think spring has arrived, we get another snow and ice storm! Keep your home or business prepared for the cold by being up to date on all the latest heating oil pricing tips.

Have questions about how to get the lowest oil price in your area, what affects the price of oil, and which company has the lowest oil prices around? Read on!

Oil Prices

How does weather affect the price of oil?

Actually, weather doesn’t affect the price of heating oil at all. The only reason you spend more on fuel during extreme cold is because turning your heat up to combat frigid temperatures will require more oil than mild weather would. The fuel oil itself is still available at the lowest price in the region! Order easily online to get your tank filled for the next cold snap.

What are the other major factors of oil pricing?

There are a few factors that affect heating oil pricing in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The major factor is how much overhead companies decide to charge—a full-service HVAC company needs more staff on board and offers more services, meaning they charge more per delivery than an oil-only discounter does.

Plus, unlike some full-service companies, we don’t raise fuel overheads any more than we have to. Our goal is providing you and your family or business with affordably priced fuel deliveries you can rely on. If you want to benefit from HVAC service as well, we are a subsidiary of FSi Oil and Propane. The secret is to order from us and schedule service from them to get the best of both worlds.

How can I get the lowest price on heating oil in my area?

Don’t pay more for the same home heating oil you’d get from certain full-service providers. Instead, order discount heating oil from PayLessforOil.com. We provide the following perks for home heating oil residents and business owners in New England:

What are you waiting for?

It’s right in our name. Get the best price on fuel oil delivery with PayLessforOil.com by requesting a Massachusetts or Connecticut oil delivery today!