Free Oil Winner Announced

Starting last week through 3/22/16 we gave folks the chance to win 50 FREE gallons of heating oil!!  There was even the chance to win 500 gallons if someone was very lucky.  All folks needed to do was guess how many deliveries PayLessForOil did this past year from March 14, 2015 thru March 13, 2016.

We had tons of fun watching the guesses come in… all 600 entries… wow!  Thank you so much for playing.

And the winner is…  well it was a three-way tie.  Congratulations to:

  • Andres Ordonez,
  • Tina Laflamme,
  • and Carolyn Smith

The winning guess was 22,000 deliveries.  The true amount was 22,066 deliveries, but the “closest to without going over rule” means these three wonderful people are enjoying some free oil.  And we decided to give them EACH 50 gallons!!! Congrats.

From all of us at thank you for making this such an INCREDIBLE heating season.  We are truly grateful.