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Fireworks Safety: “Hot” tips to keep in mind

Nothing screams summer more than the crackles and dazzling sparks of a firework. From large displays to small sparklers, fireworks can be thrilling but very dangerous. Whether you are planning on launching off fireworks or being a spectator, be sure to keep these firework safety tips in mind!

Shooting off your own?

Keep in mind if your state allows fireworks.  Be sure to obey all laws regarding the use.  If so, make sure to use them properly and consider these following tips when planning your firework spectacle:

  • Never give fireworks children and make sure they are monitored at all times.
  • Do not wear loose clothing.
  • Be sure to read cautionary labels before igniting.
  • Make sure the weather is in your favor. If it is extremely windy, you may want to postpone your show to make sure none of your guests are in danger. A mix of very dry weather and fireworks can lead to wildfires.
  • Fireworks and alcohol are not a good combination.
  • Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks. Be sure to light one firework at a time then quickly run away. Keep a bucket of water and water hose nearby.
  • Make sure you set off fireworks in a safe location: open, flat and sturdy spaces. Do not ignite fireworks indoors or near dry grass.
  • If you experience a “dud” firework, never light it off again. Be sure to wait 20 minutes or longer and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • When finished, dispose of all used fireworks by soaking them in water and placing in a metal trash can away from combustible materials. DO NOT just throw them away.
  • Want to add to the show? Be sure to get a list of a variety of songs to add to the fun! Keep in mind how much time each firework takes and “choreograph” your fireworks to the song!
  • Keep pets safe and indoors. Never shoot fireworks near pets.  Keeping them inside is the best, as they are not a fan of the sound.


Spectating the show?

  • Keep your distance. Children tend to be curious around fireworks, so be sure to keep an eye out.
  • Be sure to pay attention! At any time, a firework can lose control.
  • Keep your pet at home. As we had mentioned earlier, animals do not enjoy the sounds of the fireworks and could potentially run off.