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What Bioheat® Fuel Customers Need to Do Before Fall

The seasons are changing, and summer has come to an end. As the evenings get cooler and the days get shorter, homeowners in Massachusetts start to prep their homes for the coming winter. Make sure you take care of two essential things before the first day of fall: order discount Bioheat® fuel and schedule an annual heating tune-up for your oil boiler or furnace. Continue reading this blog post from the experts at PayLessforOil.com to learn more.


How to Get Ready for Fall in New England

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Step 1: Order Bioheat® Fuel

Order Bioheat® fuel from a discount fuel oil provider to get low fuel prices. Bioheat® fuel is a heating fuel produced from a mix of standard #2 heating oil and biodiesel made from renewable resources like soybean oil for a cleaner burn. The fuel lowers greenhouse gas emissions and actually improves the operation of your heating system. When you work with a local discount heating oil company, you benefit from low oil prices, easy online ordering, and quick deliveries from reliable professionals. When you order Bioheat® fuel before it starts to get cold, you take advantage of these benefits:

    • Low Bioheat® Fuel prices
    • Convenient online ordering
    • Fast, prompt fuel oil delivery
    • Peace of mind that you have the heating oil you need when it’s time to turn on your oil heating system.

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Step 2: Book an Annual Heating Tune-Up

Ordering discount heating oil is the first step to paying the lowest rate for fuel oil. But did you know that scheduling a heating tune-up will help lower your home heating oil bills even further? When your oil boiler or furnace is tuned by a heating professional, it will use your discount heating oil more efficiently. Your fuel oil supply will last longer, and your annual heating costs will be lower. Benefits of an annual heating tune-up for your oil furnace or boiler include:

  • Maximized discount heating oil efficiency
  • Plenty of time to book necessary HVAC repairs
  • Priority appointment scheduling
  • Peace of mind and security

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Check These Off Your Autumn To-Do List with PayLessforOil.com

Get low heating oil prices in CT and MA when you order oil from PayLessforOil.com. Request a discount heating oil delivery here. Once your annual heating tune-up is complete, you’ll see how your discount fuel oil goes the distance.