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Activities to Do When You’re Stuck Inside


Whether you’re snowed in or if it’s just too cold, being stuck inside is the perfect time to relax and have fun. Don’t let it be a total drag, when there are so many activities to enjoy.

    1. Make Breakfast. Put down the box of cereal and grab the box of pancake mix! There is no better way to start a relaxing day, than with a breakfast fit for a king (or queen).


    1. Take a Nap. You’ve been working hard all week, so why not take a mid-day nap in a cozy place.


    1. Learn Something New. We all have one thing that we have been dying to learn, so why not take advantage of the extra time and try! There are plenty of online classes and tutorials that can help!


    1. Create an Indoor Fort. This is perfect for families or those who want to take a trip back in time to their childhood. Transform a room into a fort using blankets and chairs!


    1. Catch Up on Your Shows. Curl up on your couch and start watching the shows you missed during your busy week or indulge in a new series you’ve been meaning to watch!


    1. Plan Your Next Getaway. Have you been saying you want to get away, but haven’t had the time to plan? Now is the time! Book reservations and scope out all of the things you want to do.


    1. Bake Something. Not only is this a delicious choice, but your home will smell amazing! Bake an old family recipe or try something new.


    1. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course. Use pillows, toys, and other objects to create an obstacle course for the kids (and adults). It is a great way to burn off some energy and have fun!


    1. Play a Board Game. Break out the classic board games you may have on hand and have a board game marathon!


  1. Beauty Treatments. Treat yourself with a mini spa day. Whether it’s a nice manicure/pedicure or a face mask, relax the day away!