5 Fast Facts about Heating Oil

familyHow much do you know about home heating oil? Take a minute to learn more about the fuel you use to keep your Connecticut or Massachusetts home or business safe and warm year after year. It’s clear why so many residents in New England use home heating oil from local discount fuel providers.

Oil Heat 101

  1. Oil heat is safe
    Unlike gas, heating oil is a nonexplosive fuel, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your home or family when you heat with oil. It will also produce visible warning signs, such as smoke or soot, should your heating system malfunction.
  2. Oil heat is clean
    Today’s home heating oil is cleaner than ever before. Over the years, the sulfur content of home heating oil used in Connecticut and across the United States has been significantly reduced. Lower sulfur content means cleaner operation and fewer airborne emissions.
  3. Oil heat is affordable
    Home heating oil continues to be one of the most affordable fuel sources for homeowners and business owners in Connecticut and Massachusetts. You can make your dollars go the distance by choosing a local discount heating oil provider like PayLessforOil.com. Our online-only business model helps us keep our oil price per gallon as low as possible, delivering savings directly to our oil customers.
  4. Oil heat is efficient
    Advancements in oil heating technology have made leaps and bounds in recent years. High-efficiency heating systems use heating oil to produce heat more effectively. Homeowners and business owners that use high-efficiency boilers or furnaces can save up to 10% annually on home heating costs.
  5. Oil heat is dependable
    The supply of heating oil is more than capable of meeting the demand of heating oil customers. The U.S. Energy Information Association reported that the United States was the leading producer of petroleum in the world in 2018, meaning our reliance on foreign oil is lower than ever before.

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