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3 Things To Do When You Run Out of Heating Oil

It’s Friday night and you’re finally home from a long work-week. You hop in the shower, turn the handle to ‘HOT’, and wait to welcome the warmth. Shocked by a stream of ice cold water you instantly jump out and check the heat. Much colder than usual.. You must be out of fuel. Thinking back to the local forecast, you remember that this weekend is going to be an unseasonably cold. The last thing you want is to be caught in the cold this winter due to a lack of fuel or empty oil tank!

What To Do If You’ve Run Out Of Heating Oil

  • Confirm You Are Out Of OilPayless For Oil Blog1

Problems with the storage tank or heating system may be the real reason why your heat has stopped working, not an empty oil tank. Make sure to take the right measures to check your heating equipment by calling an HVAC professional to come check out the issue. This will help identify the source and avoid unwanted costs.

  • Order A Heating Oil Delivery

Once you have confirmed that your oil tank is in fact empty, the best thing you can do is to call your fuel service provider to order more fuel. Request either a small batch of oil or an emergency delivery depending on the severity of the situation.

What Can Happen If Your Oil Tank Runs Out

Running out of heating oil can cause the furnace to build up sludge which clogs the filter and prevents the heating system from working properly. Sludge occurs when too much dirt, dust, or grime settles in your oil tank, typically at the bottom. We suggest calling a professional heat technician to bleed the system afterwards, as errors during this process can lead to further complications and rack up unnecessary costs to fix them.

Tips To Prevent Running Out Of Heating OilPayless For Oil Blog2

  • Have an oil tank monitor installed to track the level of heating oil in your tank
  • Have oil tank security measures installed to prevent oil theft.
  • Don’t leave ordering your heating oil until the last minute.
  • Plan ahead and order when you have at least ¼ of the oil tank left.
  • Take part in a monthly payment plan so that you budget money each month for heating oil. That way you won’t be waiting last minute to replenish your tank and you will be sure your wallet allows for it too!

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