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Snowed In? Indoor Activities for The Adults!

imgres-5 Snowed In?

Every winter we have some storms that can leave clean-up taking days. While the days off are often just what we needed, it can be very easy to get bored when you’re stuck inside. So to help you avoid the ever approaching boredom of being stuck in the same place for long periods of time, here’s a list of activities for adults to have fun when you’re snowed in.

Top Indoor Activities for Adults When Snowed In


Family/Friend Game Night

In an increasingly digital age we often forget about how much fun we can have with a simple card game or board game. Whether you’re with the family, friends, or a combination, there’s a game out there for everyone. Cook up some snacks and make some drinks and you’ll be in for one fun night.

Best of the best: Uno Attack, Twister, Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples


The Jackbox Party Pack

This one is perfect when you’re left inside with a group (and part of the digital age!) The Jackbox Party Pack is a digital game that you can purchase on Google Play, the Mac App Store, Steam, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Xbox One. The game is a collection of party games from a group to play together. The best part? Everyone uses their phone to connect to the game and have their own screen. Answer trivia, make up facts, give words sound effects, and play digital pictionary all night long!

The best of the best: Fibbage. Play Fibbage first.



Get Creative

Sometimes we lose our creative side as life gets busy. Take this new found time to write some stuff out. Even just writing out our thoughts can be extremely therapeutic and help us calm a restless mind. Maybe you’ll get a letter, poem, or start to a short story.

Drawing and painting can also be a lot of fun, even for amateurs. Get a group of friends and play a pictionary-like game of interpreting different things. Draw your friend group on adventures. Paint each other. The options are endless.

Pro Tip: Try one of these crazy creative projects for adults.


Move Some Furniture Around

Give your home a makeover. When we finally have some time in the house we can get stuff done we never had time for. Try that new look for the living room. Clean out the basement.

Pro Tip: When moving all the furniture around, take a break in the middle to build an awesome fort.


Stay Warm

After making some hot chocolate and starting the fire place, remember to make sure all your heating needs are in check. If you have any questions regarding your oil and heating, find out how to contact us here.

Stay safe and have fun!


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