Run-Out Sentence

The first rule of oil-fired heating is a pretty basic one — don’t run out of oil! Unfortunately, run-outs are part of our fuel delivery business. It’s important to avoid a run-out because if one occurs, your oil line can become filled with air and sludge. When this happens you will not be able to […]

Fireworks Safety: “Hot” tips to keep in mind

Nothing screams summer more than the crackles and dazzling sparks of a firework. From large displays to small sparklers, fireworks can be thrilling but very dangerous. Whether you are planning on launching off fireworks or being a spectator, be sure to keep these firework safety tips in mind! Shooting off your own? Keep in mind […]

Must-Haves For Your Next Cookout!

Summer is here and so is the warm weather! Spending an afternoon with friends and family can be relaxing and energizing. Here are some tips to spice up your next outdoor get together. Be sure to start off by listing and categorizing all your supplies, food, and necessities you may need. This will help to […]

Don’t Stress While On Vacation – Tips to Protect Your Home

Going on vacation should be the highlight of your summer. There is nothing worse than spending days on the beach worrying about your home. Follow these simple steps to make sure your vacation is stress-free and your home is safe. Consider a house-sitter: The best way to make sure your house is safe while you’re […]

The Important Role Nozzles Play In Your Heating System

The nozzle is a vital component of any heating system. It breaks the heating oil down to allow for combustion and delivers sufficient fuel in specific patterns into the combustion chamber for more efficient heating. Read on for a more in-depth look at these functions and how this small component makes a huge impact on […]

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