Stay Tuned for More Winter Weather

Since it’s still warm outside, you may not be thinking about your heating equipment or how it will hold up to the coming winter. However, August is the perfect time to start thinking about having a tune-up performed on your heating system! This is because it’s early enough to find and make any necessary repairs, […]

Simple Ways to Enjoy the Summertime While it Lasts

With only a month left of summer, there is still so much to still do! Enjoy the continuous, warm summer nights and celebrate summertime with some of these to-dos. Take a long, relaxing walk – Whether alone, with friends, or a pet, nothing beats a nice evening walk.  Walking has many health benefits- including reducing […]

How to Vacation on a Budget

It’s almost time for your trip and for you to dig into that vacation fund. Budgeting during the year can be difficult, but managing a budget during a vacation can be even more stressful! Here are some financial tips for staying on budget and making your vacation stress free! Plan in advance! Planning and budgeting […]

Run-Out Sentence

The first rule of oil-fired heating is a pretty basic one — don’t run out of oil! Unfortunately, run-outs are part of our fuel delivery business. It’s important to avoid a run-out because if one occurs, your oil line can become filled with air and sludge. When this happens you will not be able to […]

Fireworks Safety: “Hot” tips to keep in mind

Nothing screams summer more than the crackles and dazzling sparks of a firework. From large displays to small sparklers, fireworks can be thrilling but very dangerous. Whether you are planning on launching off fireworks or being a spectator, be sure to keep these firework safety tips in mind! Shooting off your own? Keep in mind […]

Way to go, I ordered oil this morning at 6 got the response that it wasn't going to be delivered until Thursday, when I got home today, full tank and receipt on my porch!!

- Kathi B. - Holyoke, MA