Spring Fun for You and Your Dog

  After months of being tucked away inside the house, the warmer weather is here and it is the perfect time to spend it with your pet outdoors! Don’t follow the same old routine, think outside of the box! Here are some activities that are not only safe and friendly for your pet, but also […]

Tips for a Clean Spring

  Spring is here and what better way to spend the season than with a clean home!  Say goodbye to the dust and musky air and hello to clean and fresh air! Here are some tips to help make the cleaning easy: Give your doormats a shake, wash, or swat – Doormats are not only […]

Tanks for All Your Service!

Your oil storage tank gives you a level of security that you don’t get with other fuels. Just as a full pantry or gas tank let you go about your business without worry, a full storage tank means you don’t have to worry about heat or hot water. Last month we reviewed the scientific reasons […]

Why You Need A Spring Tank Fill Up

With winter at an end and your fuel levels low from the heating season, it’s the ideal time to schedule your next fuel tank fill up. It can be tempting to skip the spring oil delivery if you have enough fuel to get through most of the summer. It seems like that money could be […]

Home Heating Oil Spill: Initial Steps to Take

As a homeowner, the last thing you will want on your mind is having to deal with a heating oil spill.  Although most properly maintained systems never experience a spill, it is very important to be prepared.  Many questions may run through your head, two of which include: Who do I call? What do I […]

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