Why PayLess?

Please remember, not all heating oil companies are created equal!

At PayLessForOil.com, we believe everyone can SAY they’re the best, but we PROVE it.  In addition to our low, low home heating oil prices, we believe there are several other reasons for Western MA and Northern CT residents to do business with us:

  • We have a mobile app that allows members to place discount heating oil orders easily on the go!
  • You’re dealing with one of Western MA premier energy suppliers who has our own storage terminal.
  • Some “local” online oil dealers don’t tell you who they really are.  Wonder why? You should.

Don’t Deal with a Middleman for Heating Oil

Several internet oil dealers are just order-takers.  They DO NOT actually deliver the fuel, they subcontract delivery to “established” dealers.

  • Are you even told the name of the dealer coming to deliver? Most likely the answer is no.
  • With us you KNOW who you’re doing business with every time!
  • What happens with these “unknown” companies if there is a problem with delivery? Who do you call? Do you call the company that took your hard earned money, or the company that is supposedly coming to deliver your fuel? Many times they point fingers at each other and you are left literally out in the cold.

Easy Online Fuel Oil Ordering & Credit Card Payment

Life is complicated and busy enough; ordering oil shouldn’t add to your stress.  Our ordering system is one of the best in the industry, backed by the best vendors the heating oil industry has to offer.

  • It’s easy to use, fast, and secure.
  • Order anytime, from anywhere:
    • 24/7 – when it’s convenient for you.
    • Use a tablet, smart phone, or desktop
    • All you need is any connected device.

We take your credit card information’s security VERY seriously.

  • We’ve put in place an extremely secure PCI-compliant online credit card ordering system.
  • Since we only accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, you never need to run to a post office for a money order or wait for a driver to hand over cash. Keeping it simple for you!

In comparison to some of the other online ordering systems out there, we believe you’ll be very pleased with the ease of use.

You Get What You Pay For

Saving a penny or two with another dealer may be costing you several times as much! How, you ask?

inside truck

  • Our trucks are equipped with brand new electronic meters, not the old fashioned mechanical meters which can be easily manipulated.  After delivery, you receive an electronic metered receipt with the time and date stamped, clearly showing the gallons delivered.
  • All meters are inspected and sealed by town weights and measures to ensure accuracy.
  • Our trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking to pinpoint their precise location within two meters
  • Our fleet has a high-end mobile computer system (see image on left) so the management team can see truck inventory levels, monitor each and every stop, and know where each truck is at all times.
  • When you work with another company you pay for what they tell you is delivered; don’t second guess the amount of oil received – our technology offers certainty & dependability you can trust.


We Offer Fast Heating Oil Delivery

  • Many companies claim fast delivery… very few make it happen!  During off-peak seasons, they’ll deliver quickly (but really who cares then), but in the dead of winter it’s often not the case.
  • In almost every one of our delivery areas, we deliver within two business days of order. In fact, many areas receive delivery in one business day.
  • We’ve always done it this way during every season. With a record-breaking 10,000+ current customers, we know we are doing it right!
  • We have over a dozen state-of-the-art trucks, and growing; not many other companies can make this claim.

We’re Fully Insured

We all know accidents happen, what’s important as a homeowner is being protected.

  • Your oil company (and quite frankly any business you allow on your property) needs to have insurance coverage to pay for any damage they may inadvertently cause.
  • Whether you choose us or not (of course we hope you do), bigger companies are generally covered, but with some of the smaller ones you may not be as lucky. Why does this matter to you?
    • If the company you choose does not have the proper insurance and they cause a spill on your property, you will be responsible for paying for the very expensive cleanup.
    • Most likely your homeowners insurance is unlikely to cover it.
    • Consider asking questions before you let someone on to your property. Questions to Ask
  • We carry extensive liability and pollution insurance covering our employees, equipment, and fleet of well-maintained vehicles.
  • PLEASE be sure that no matter who you decide to purchase your fuel from that they carry the proper insurance and that it isn’t expired.

We Have No Hidden Fees

There are NEVER any hidden fees when doing business with PayLessForOil.com!

  • Your oil price is guaranteed the minute you complete your order and pay.
  • The only time your price per gallon may change is if your tank does not accommodate all of the gallons you order. Why?
    • We offer volume discounts, unlike many companies.
    • We don’t believe in the one-price-for-all mentality… why should the customer that only receives 100 gallons receive the same price as the person who receives 1,000 gallons?
    • By the same token, why should you be forced to buy in large quantities to get a great price? 
  • Contrary to some of our competitors claim, we do not charge any delivery fees as long as you meet our very reasonable minimum delivery requirements:

PayLessForOil.com was designed from the beginning to give the best price possible to EVERYONE.

We Don’t Play Games!

We don’t want you to have to call a dozen or so dealers trying to find a penny or two savings; don’t waste time – call us because when you take into account our products and services we know we offer the best overall value.

We Love Old & New Customers

Ever see a new customer special or an unbelievable perk for signing a long-term contract (which isn’t so unbelievable when you read the fine print)?

  • Why do so many companies only reward new customers? Shouldn’t the returning customer be rewarded?
  • We have never, nor will we ever, just offer a big incentive for new customers… our specials are for EVERYONE!
  • We have a Refer a Friend program, which rewards both the new customer and our current customer too!
  • On occasion we will offer special pricing only to returning customers who order through the PayLessForOil.com Portal, rewarding loyalty.

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PayLessForOil.com has successfully married the ease of using the Internet to order a necessary product - heating oil.

- Karen C. - Belchertown, MA